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Hemingway, i smell your cigars
like when you had a friend
shoot a cigarette out your mouth
so i smell what you are
words burning sheets of
paper like i hate me and so like my heart –>
Emily Dickinson; weed dipped in alcohol
made bees buzz your brain
plus heroin caused
time to freeze so that carriage of death
would stop for you And I’m the lonely one
who knows it hates my untouched soul
i leave it for the angels who should rape me
and take my soul into their den!

:: 03-28-2015 ::
i moved somethang around


I read the federalist papers
of your sun-scorned heart
a congress of pin-faced
something like dying babies
and purple smiles dying
in sun-beamed pixie twirls
>>she knew me<<
Yeah!  we ate sunflowers
drawing down our clothes
across that vastness field
of lies and dying fleshness
she kissed me on my bruised
bleeding lips >> a personal
note of all the corked-pinned
notes i left when my heart
gasped, “you’re personally
responsible…for my eternally
soul-sucking prose — tongue
and quill dying like i loved
watching silver snail walking
into eternity!”

:: 03-14-2015 ::