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Fractured but Never Broken

no one promised paradise
a thing ever imagined
no sentience no matter
just energy ink well
dipped words glistening
is black on white paper
became me due to you
my born imagination
fractured but never
broken | horror living
horror dying horror
if you had seen all things
i’ve seen you’d cry
is a flower dying for water
a world of never raining
societies of not forgiving
became me_______fractured
but never broken.

:: 10.27.2022 ::


THE ant has as much say-sothough burrowing dirt and sand
and butterfly knows so – flies
one above the other below
So humans who work a till
unknowing they build
a castle unknown in dirt
and so above air
one is not greater
the other knows
air and dream
sleeps a cover
of warmth

:: 03-17-2014 ::