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What is the span of time

compared to love?

A week, or month or centuries?

And how would the heart survive

within a myriad of perils

at the foot of that abyss?

And how long does a man

spend dying?

The brain thinks as the
fingers thrump the counter top
and no knowledgeable priests
or philosopher knows — i know
seeing god and devil part their ways
to visit the eternal void

And all these happen-stance
wittinesses will count to twelve
and keep the secret within their
inner most hearts!

:: 12152015 ::


WHEN i am alone i am with you
my heart’s aflutter!
i am standing on the edge
of life crying. Life give me
the answer of what i am.
When i wait here i hope for
your gentle smile and love
your insides a pleasant
surprise. And soft hair
touches my deepest love,
it’s throbbing!

Then i put on my face
and walk the streets again.

I smell you i feel you
then again i write my prose
and my heart closes like a clam

Inside the universe there’s a
soul burning with you
i don’t want to be without you
tick as i tick flowing like time
i embrace your world with eyes
rolled back, a pool in time

Come please, forget this world
and jump into my world
when i am a lone i am with you
my heart’s aflutter!
i am standing on the edge
of this life crying.

:: 11050215 ::


WHEN i close my eyes
like now:warm evening nights
and curtains dancing-like what
i wish for my heart
when i close my eyes
like now:feelings hot like passion
and i look at my soul so alone
i wish for my life
wish for autumn days when we play
in fallen leaves and sip coffee and
talk of a life-never apart IS when
i close my eyes, makes me want to
die within your arms The one i yet
to meet but breaths and is so beautiful!

:: 09-01-2015 ::


two tiny fleeting feet
rushing mushing mushroom
upon chase of time
so early in morrow
morning kisses
says rooster:
not fair i have no roost!
says the butterfly:’Sweet’
before nectar drinking
and Cupid signs: “All lovers
need a drink of Spirited Love
to start a Romantic Day!

:: 08-27-2015 ::



Her to Him

THIS weather is cold and my fingers are acting old;
a friend happened last week to provide me with
a few papers of your ink written by both hand
and heart; this is purely my conjecture as i
believe it is true. As all these words i read
that entice my eyes somewhat like summer raining
on which are now icy fields of white and unforgiving
white. The complexity of love is dumbfounded by
both spirit and soul; and even though my volume
of thoughts could dry this ink well i say i wish
that i offer comfort to you my friend for a few
slight disgraces. i am both approachable but then
sometimes best at night when the evening has become
this very quiet lover you are challenging.

i wish you the best in this endeavor!
:: 08-07-2015 ::


TO imagine love
:: life ::
when living is this
worthless dead
rose (do restrain)
when soul/mind complains
this wish through heart
then tragically restrained
weeds contain roses(
love) then Springtime
comes: and humanity
shouts sweetly to lovers
with broken hearts:
success is a tear
shed by the greatest lost
of love!

:: 06-29-2015 ::


THEN like when early mornings
nodding wakefully by sunlight
and youthful slowly days turning
the page of that thick book of life
by when had once, and of their
loved moments of glad grace,
and the song of tender feelings
that by nature sings to hearts
between/below the rays of light
by babbling brook and glowing bars
And swollen tears too pregnant to birth
the breach of wishing, little sadly,
to see the dream fleeing upward
into the misty mountains overhead
I hide my own heart; my own life
the precious dreams of my own wishing!

:: 06-16-2015 ::


ever dreaming sweet soul I see how so low the moon
is and the music blows all through my mind
everything you felt is life
And I was speechless I saw you run around the world
so bright and you never lost your spot until tonight
And the world doesn’t sing anymore and I touched your
hand and say, “Dear what is everything if not light?”
I should have known
I should have turned
I should have gave you
all I am and more
It’s burning like a sun
and I will beat it everyday until I see your smile return
It’s all a heart beat so lovely it’s all a heart beat
and I’m dying inside the ember of your losing light girl
(turn it) I’m saying I’m so near and I pull your light
from the darkness unto my own soul-Light and we’ll beat
the darkness and never turn to stone:  the

Tomorrrow is a new world!

:: 06-11-2015 ::


THAT nature!  She soothed my
beating heart this day!
The sound of throated-love
She sang in trees till
Spring became a burning
summer, I too!  Did I burn?
Somewhere upon the ode
of Botanic Gardens!
The birds.  The floral
passion of God’s eyes!
And all of me went walking
that day with the mystery
— a woman I wish to know!
A maritime — a Marina
I wish to know!

:: 04-06-2015 ::


since when beginning
i always did
believe in you
that I did always
love that till I loved
never lived me
till I loved you
I did always love
my heart told me
that I never lived
until I loved
since when beginning
i did always love you

:: 03-08-2015 ::