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It’s a complicated world
ruled by pain and fear
Everything’s ‘will you swim
or will you fade’
the smallest things
hold us back
the madness outside
these walls
are nothing compared
to what’s within my halls

Brain traffic: s/o confused
grid-locked & neurotically fused
Drain my Soul
Brain traffic: over/used
fear-porn-fed till your dead
then Life’s on hold
it’s all Inside your head

:: 03.27.2020 ::


AND if I ever call you
my friend ~
Tears and weak knees my love
Whenever I begin
my eyes cry and a hard
shoulder forever!
And now I dream my love
I begin to undrstand all
all within your eyes!
And now I know my life is more
and in every moment there is
a reason to carry on! Oh!
Sweet love! It’s a miracle
and a beautiful sight —
\ and if when I ever call
you friend; here we are
for ever and ever
— forever and ever like
a dream kissed; and now
I know my life has given me
more than a sweet dream.
And that is everything I dreamed
And now I know life has given
me more than memories!
A reason to carry on!
So now, within the sea of love
we all wish to swim in life
— so call me. call me.

OH, everyone call me.
I think I have the heart
to heart your love.
So love. Love me.
I love you.

:: 12-16-2017 ::


i’ve been splitting rocks
in a prison suit
of life and what i think:
you know who you are
and when you come home
it’s one thing i have learned
you’d be better off if
you were dead

Like weather patterns of hurricanes
and a messy heart
like if the sun set and
the moon was so brighter
i smell corruption of nature
so i think you are better off
if dead: and your cold hands
against my heart makes me
want to die: got no fear,
have no reason to climb out
of this freak hole of love

and i think you’d be better
off if you were DEAD

:: 08-05-2015 ::


IF i pretend i don’t care
if i pretend i’m dead
i don’t have to go out
on the town tonight
come on come on come on
i’m on my period and i’m
bleeding from my eyes
so leave me alone to die
if i pretend i don’t care
what’s going down
and the man who stalks me
i pretend i am dying
so dead i’m so white
you could dance with a
mannequin and you’ll
see i’m so dead
so i pretend i’m so cold
so dead so mannequin
maybe a freak could take me
but i’m so dead i don’t care
just let me bleed away
in all my pain

:: 07-30-2015 ::


In my mind I am DEAD
they speaking after-life
of never-lived and now
I am the jealous-Spirit
wishing life had loved
a broken little boy
that had been!
Where are you mother
and father?
the Deadest

:: 05-12-2015 ::


WHAT faith
I have seen
from the young
to the elder
display a greatness
— in some
Empty have I been
for many a year
— then some

My message
to the One:
I forgive myself
— please come
the lonely thing
within is weak
— it withers
without your Light
Such blessings I pray
— visit me
this day and stay forever

:: 01-25-2014 ::


QUIET SPACES kissie comfort
spiral-pain touch tickle
blood reaffirm a memory
life is what you live
Seductress enters dream
mixing tonics skin-liquid
thirsty-soul drink-hungry
higher mind slap-shit you
Choir boy suffer stiff collar
dead one endure post-life
love ones shun past-memory
so thick process-life
makes you wonder
— who is better off
dead or living