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Addiction Without Numbers

IT’s easy for ME
if easy for YOU
feeling dizzy
tasting the frozen
skies loaded wrong
my Spirit speeding round
chasing the moon
I bleached my Soul
i swallowed Angel spit and tonight
i howl at the moon (no matter
what i do) the river is loaded
for the people who are my Light
:they will always b e t r ue
and my Soul comes up and goes
down tearing at my brain , the
little things that kill ._
the smallest given becomes
the biggest gift and we’re going up
and coming down scratching away
the little things that kill us ..a little
THING that tears at our brains by little
oh little little destroying us\
the physics of my addiction
had no numbers to measure reality
so its my heart
feeling you.


:: 02.10.2023 ::

Hanging for Your Mistakes

i kick the stones
out my way | take the blame
, eat the fruit & hang from
a branch or a cross ! lay your lace and get this mother gone — i bowed a cross so gather around : and i don’t like how you make me hang around | and i don’t like what you got me hanging from a blaming fruit ? could it be priceless taste or how you always make me hang from your mistakes? okay, taste the blame, eat the fruit, kiss the snake
i never liked you had me hanging
for your mistakes.

lay your motor-rage : eat the one
mistake got me burning you and your
soul | and i don’t like what you’ve
got me hanging from and I don’t like
what I’m hanging from : all your

:: 10.23.2022 ::


asking what’s love?
wait a moment…
how love is now
I love you and then…

the truth of breath and body too-hurry-and-wait
face-tilt to feel the softest of loving flesh / ocean life
on my lungs as I grieve its absence

stay now while your heart hums over and over
the dream of sun-filled bloom never fully bloomed
but come each day to touch this eye/
each time it shall move to wishful sleep”
What dreams sweet life soul
that Earth soil so wet-dew that-touching
tears/feelings my council doubt this dream
but release thee budding light this day
such philosophy stab thy heart love now
skip treacle and grail passion fuel thou vessel
tickle-being spur now and truth in heart bleed red
Now and breath push you rhythmical lover ~~
you gave me the reason in this moment of Springtime
Lips asking what’s love? Wait a moment…
Love now.
I love you.

: 05.31.2022 ::


i felt dreams dripping away
how i felt the dream for a
day that lasted years.

i still recall the taste of
my own voice laughing for
pure joy knowing deep love.

until it was ripped away.

you can make this go away
you can make this all go away
until it went away.

I still feel the deep pain
of losing everything.

How i still wish something
i can never have…

and now the colors are gone
how love made it go away
how love made me a loser
living scraping inside my head
until i don’t want life any more:

words. spaces. paragraphs
love, inside my head. regardless of
academic structure i want
what i can never have
and those things i lost sting and
break apart this poetic heart.

Tell me: you can make this all
go away so make it all go away
/die\ become a ghost instead
someone who lives upon this Earth.

You walk across my living grave.

:: 03.17.2022 ::


THE WINGS of the birds upon the table
(went hungry) I saw the light over
the confessional and the voice said:


UPON THE table the fires again
and the mouths are choking
I don’t mind stealing bread to
feed the children. Yeah. We’re
dying farmers and the mouths are
bread for the children (we’re going

How free is poetry to express
mindless anger. It can also express
love and forelove senseless.

Serial killers are evil. Hello?
They like hurting little things that
cannot fight back.

Humans by far are the most evil
creatures of nature.

:: 11-23/2021 ::


October darkness without a moon
a winterless space within hearts
what dreamy spine against thick
sunset nights.

perceiving fingers upon a piano
crying notes and cascading centrifugally
expecting silly — clumsily thumbs.

oh, e.e. how you enter thisMIND of mine:
“i feels so lonely fer duh good oledays we
spentin’18 kicking duh gutsouta dem
doity foreaters an humpin duh swell janes on…”

 My waving floating blue fin tuna eyes —
hook and flotsam death.
  It really bust be Nice. never to
have no body or imagination) never to never
wonder about guys you used to( and them
slim hot queens with damn next to nothing.
   loving skin and soul and lips a kissin’
the sun and moons beyond our imaginations.
Oh how time and space and in between we
gore the pleasant feelings of flesh-life;
living just a small moment here and now.


:: 09.28.2021 ::


SHE would pull back her hands to her sides, her furrows bear poetic paintings with a past unfolded in crosshatch, reprimands to the unblinking, to the untried to never covet an hour lost and found, the length of a sunset, a sun weighing us down, now or then looking away to a beach that doesn’t seem our way, reputed for its unchanging coral reefs and saying it’s way more glorious than the beach next door, as we know, the one nobody cares to swim into.

Then my hips, already weak, begin to shake though when you come with me, if we should go by car, we’re together, on ground heavy that your steps cannot change.

I must say more, but you know the story. You must hear the secret though only the Sages were allowed to hear it.

It is a light; my dark world turns into a coffin light, the whole thing collapsing, if i miss you, my sadness begs, but there are no answers what to do when everything in you, in all of us weeps for absence.

Better for the room’s overhead to be darkness, for me, for my heart’s an end that must not bend, a blade lost in sand. Can no healing be between our two lonely hearts without me weeping and no consolation
without you wanting to know, when we’ll fall in love again?

Want to buy a song give a gift of musical genius the way we never stop loving, until I can be safe again.

I’ve lived alone for the last thirteen years, still living off my memories of her, but having no contact with her — except for my last few days, of course.

I wrote the only song I can sing now, and there were no lessons to be had in any language even if you had known about me, about how I suffered in my anger, from the depth of my despair,
you would not have come near.

:: 03.26.2021 ::


Listen. Today i lost my voice — it left upward looking for my mind.
sometimes the strangeness of Life becomes reality and nothing more.
today i found myself within a garden of snakes and meat-devouring
plants. If not for the purple skies it would have been a wasted
experience. Meeting God was an experience before i found myself
inside a fetus that became my physical body.
the doves sang a brilliant but sometimes somber song;
peace of a piece so small it became nothing before i could
touch it’s sharp and exquisite edge.
Today i lost my mind.
and my voice flew downward looking for sanity.

:: 09.11.2020 ::


i met my mind inside a hampering down
across the skies of my expansive face
those elder souls we never see came to me
and you: in dreams. i allow the sun to
beat down upon my face and breath its winds
: the elder race
spoke from atop the
clouds singing everything
to be revealed in time.
I was strong and stressed
for not a word i heard or note
oh oh oh — the skies scream
horns and unusual things.
ooooooh. Yea. I am blind.
Everything seen is within my
eyes you sang/bled /visions
gleam in every air.
try to find you
try to recapture everything
had/ far sounds of cities,
in early evening: within
that place of yellow desert
scream//so much so and so
everything known

:: 07.31.2020 ::


Polly gone
oh polygon
what quadri-
laterals you

(go) figure made
up of straight sides
(besides myself)
oh Polly’s gone
prolly so i still see
your shadows within
my head but full fleshed
within my beating heart

is why Polly’s gone
oh polygon what quadri-
laterals you possess!

:: 07.21.2020 ::