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Someday my love
you’ll realize
that rainbows cry
and in the wet cold
you’ll see gold
that it’s a heart’s love
and one day my sweet dear
you’ll realize that
I was the one
and birds and church bells
sing a ringing song
across missed lives
but tomorrow brings
a new story and life
but in this end dear
I lost you my dear one
but church bells ring
and bluebirds sing
and tomorrows may cry
but my heart sings
that sun of love

:: 04-08-2014 ::


THE stage you bled — vocal notes ascend
a piece of you – so large you’ve spent
the messenger performer full of mystery
Ancient-contemporary composers which fed
your psyche and soma – expose themselves

Elegant solo artist — music-singing-acting
your prayer for strength —
body, voice, and vision you deeply desire
oh you whisper to the gods — allow my voice
to send this musical piece to my audience!

Shoes to floor, lights so bright — ensemble
ocean of faces, dark recess of high box seats
aesthetic striving your artistic aim!
Balance you wish — between achievements…
and artistic endeavor

But you, yes you, cast your spell across the light
for emotion and intellectual response this night!
Oh! Cosmos of soloist! —
entertainer, independent with sensitivity!
Choose emotion over cognitivity!

It’s your beautiful bond…
Sing piano – pianissimo
And never to walk the shadow of a gifted, ‘has been’
lullaby sing to me in my private solitude…
between the practice, promos, and rehearsals