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IT is by pain within my Soul
that i hardly know you
by sight or by taste; i grow
at night by dreams and wishes
within imaginary throe
— i weep for love my love
by love for love all love
and then the rift
within my heart of reality
the closer i come to you
within solitude
practicality always, always
i know — comes knocking upon
the unknown room’s door /
the light so bright
upon all nights as stars above
we love we love we love
the elusive angle of our hearts
and fate that gazes as fields
of jasmine raising dawn and
her brilliant warmth — is love,
the love all love sang by Queens
and Kings and Surfs and Peasants
; are as the angels.

Our Souls, as love!

:: 04-01-2019 ::


f a me is self-immolation one’s lower lip s t retched
over a brain absorbed in self.
it is the itch within a brain
only satisfied by a serpent’s
tongue licking the inside of
your ear with it’s fanged mouth;
only then can it enter your
Soul. And dead popes know.
My chest knows the gravity of such horror: the earwig
crawls up through my armpit into my throat and passes
nasal cavity into my Mind.

Chasing these ephemeral ghosts i avoid food; to starve
is godly — as death. My anus dots the exclamation mark of
my spine and angels cause me a dull pain.

:: 04-01-2019 ::


my death(sentence) –> dies
singularly learned (stiff)necks)
scrutinized by prose(police)
a formality of academically
dusty halls; the light that
never falls —-
but my prose-eat sunlight
unstructured for the soul!

:: 06-12-2013 ::
E.P. Robles (c) 2019


MY heart in hot summers have I
rejoiced while heat has spiked
my chest — as watching the sun
sink below purplest colors
of pink and darkening clashing
tears of mightiest strength
and the joy of love and
children’s laughter do always
save my soul and heart
gives me defying peace
and erodes scorn — my
lone might against darkness

:: 03-10-2019 ::


ENERGY speaks words
like mathematical screaming
discretely hiding its origins.
I (this human writing) is
NOT science. I am flesh and bone
physically but my brain tells me
that the thoughts I have come
from so far away that there is no
number to describe its distance.
Infinity does not count. It only
says that ‘something’ goes on and
on (a way to cheat the thing we
cannot clearly describe) but some
how it all works out with pencil
and a blackboard.

I suspect. A greatness so grand
we cannot even begin to touch
the lips of it’s truth. But still,
I wish to kiss it with my own
lips. I wish to embrace it. To
become engulf within the unknowable

:: 03-10-2019 ::


MY heart rests upon a
mote of dust
not forgotten but
still for us frozen
as though love absent
bursting full of sorrow
as though HistoryLand
–i forget my name//
but poplar within
the fields of my Heart.

:: 03-06-2019 ::
E.P. Robles (c) 2019


it comes at night and seems to
, it seems to grip my heart ; i
die? –>so, case in point –>
i’ve been so bad, but not as bad
as this world: my mother said
i too shall suffer for all my sins
(ooh oh ooh) oh love! And now
Heaven save me from my evil deeds
and oh hell help me while i clean
these wounds : what i am is all
anyone could be /a victim of
being human ///…////keep away
from me man! MY lover is an angel
that kiss-tells me all i need is a
good defense against ewe-you, ha,
uh hmm. \\\

:: 02-28-2019 ::


if have i if i
had high while all
little beauties were
dying i had them all
within just ‘me’
is the beauties that
seem to always be
that most pain.

e.p.robles (c)2019
:: 02/09/2019 ::

the Dearest oF All LoVE

my dearest of all Love the piece of me
weeping when alone silently i pray for
touching and kisses as the mockingbird
sings at the lowest point of night
it is your kindess
the cotton-filled pillow of my
dreams When i am tall and walk
the shadow has you there with me When
you are away There then is the prayer:

“To be strong and solid
to have your strength with me
while i am half of us; that we are whole
is the best of any Love.”

Soon, then maybe, we shall be back
together in our Strength. Of all we cherish
and is the sweetest of any moment ever
remembered. Is love.

:: 02-08-2019 ::


WHEN then words begin to Express
Life (awakened now)? our mind
is captured by truth and Light
love is love’s giving as a
keeping’s give:
the Great Small
the Small Great
all are lovely pink babies crying
to be fed and nurtured.

By Our Creator who is Un-named
but known by many vicarious words;

still The Greatest Mystery
of All!

:: 02-08-2019 ::