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Play Dough My Love

so pretty so smooth
within my expressive
hands i sculpted love
and wrote poems
sang songs
and stole Cupid’s
girl friend while
making ramen noodles
cause i’m a poet
living inside my head…
yeah. Eat healthy
they say to Humans__
i want to say more
but have a date with

:: 11.12.2022 ::

Purple Youth

LIFE trips knees bruise hearts break
like Love and gentle flowers
what is enough?

to take pain?

But even so i think
like you we learn
and we really learned
a lot how life loves
to burn a lot.

Oh how life isn’t true
and love alive is ~~ so strong,
enough to take all that time___.
away back again right now.

won’t complain.

:: 11.12.2022 ::

Ode of Freedom

my hands smell like heat burning inside
my mind & i possess something that’ll set
a’fire a shadow of Life
but first allow me to say how i feel inside.

Now, that this one:
for Lies is buried;
this one for Pain
and now this one for Pride.

before sunset i buried them all
deep within the soil where i wept
this ode of freedom.

How this ancient dust falls to ground
and the hairs upon our arms stand up
all while i crumble inward
deep inside__of__me. My redemption song
, the cost of all happiness.

While the little virgins
are giggling amongst themselves
a waterfall drowns their glee
and within a whirlwind His Presence
came around \well, if this is Death
then life was Hell for me. To start again
a trillion light years away i would just
hug myself. And this ode of freedom is
all i ever hand.

:: 11.10.2022 ::

Take Care of Your Heart

I have completely lost myself within the reveille of a dream
so, drink up sweet decadence I cannot ever say no to you
and cannot feel bad when it feels so good to feel life
and love once again: its been such a long time coming but
i feel good…to pour Life
down upon me makes me feel
so good because i know i could
never pay back to you Father,
to love me.
How your hands bleed with the blood of my heart —
you hold me gently.  And i feel good enough for you
to forget me.  D ream up sweet love.  And i completely
lost myself and what i am to ever say no to you.__.
i never should have allowed you to completely conquer me.
And this Hell feels good now while out of Love. And my
heart still burns forever pouring Life down into a wish
‘ing well /can i go now?\  for you to love me too.

:: 11.08.2022 ::


i ATE the hatred!  WHEN I WAS AN ALIEN
i conjured familiarity!  Now, right now
there’s a  reason for the big answer:


 JUST because you are paranoid
doesn’t mean I hate you ~~ i love you
 so find another way to get away!
  Get away!  Get away!  

——————intermission cut to live…….
and so children that is how the mongoose survives
in the wild. (audience laughter)
   Inside this barricade of Love is such a thrill
 and awe all you girls we can’t take you all home
 … ============================================

   stepping outside she broke down after sacrificing
all her Life for so many years | God needs a dressing
gown?   His aid picks up a letter after untold eons.
  Sir, your baby has died. +++++> oh! how life struggles
after living so many years \\      I STAND RIGHT IN FRONT
OF YOU said the words of greatest WISDOM.  

the answer:  LET IT BE.

:: 11.08.2022 ::

Cat and Mouse Conversation

THE cat with three eyes
saw the mouse with two
said the mouse to the cat,

“i’ll gladly give you cheese
for an eye”

whisker-twitching thinking-cat pondered,
said, “if the toy gets trapped
under the refrigerator, was it ever a toy
at all?”

AND the mouse wept knowing
a third eye is god-like.

:: 09-11-2015 ::

Love as One

Being born into Sin
for being born human
i lose my sight
so i cannot taste lies
and left my tongue alone

Leaving my legs
so i cannot talk
denying my ears
so i cannot hear
i forgot the pin
for my plastic card

oh no, hell no,
no wine, cigs or
chocolate bars

Before today there was
nothing but a zero
tomorrow is one
lets minus stupid
and regard love as One.

Love as One.

:: 11.08.2022 ::

Ninth Transimos

CYctors of Myrtle-Brilcy,

Of wong with blIes strewn on the shore
was not all that heard me then;
The manly roar of battle,
the deathly war cries of my fellow-men
then wandered we round the bower
of Myrtle, Archon by my side,
Clad in armed wreath, standing on the heddles,
Each armed with a sword
With Orchil, the pitch-plant,
with Herms, the samesid rose,
with VassilIa, Laurel, with the laurel
with YneriId and with Boulstas,

Each was criomo~us bower.

Tolemn still I tr~rised before me in mind,
giving my voice and speech through my breast
great thou sound was, with nobler speech,
Thou dost remind me of things long past,
Profound and blissful are thy echoes.

There I was weared down ere nightfall,
where Tiresias had feasted before
Now to cannot recall or see I came at noon,
where this spot was, which I remembered,
of which Siolphon I sung as he spoke
before, with the 8 oak leaves bent
at ere, with her child’s blood,
in this house I fell to live a beast,
or else to die at the stake.
We bore it to the penae,
bought it with our lives, and took it,
lengthened now the dreadful holly’s gaze,
that had casted on us a dark ray
of ill omen;

yet, as another walked with arms loaded
And this party not minces their flesh,
Despite its frozen grove, its verdure
Which once had been verdure
To all I say: Nenth transiMos stand
There, with others, hade the sword unsheathed,
Where the legions cowed, and the Ionian broils

Had spoken their pure words:

“Now in all Delphi had sprung a new fell
Womb of life and birth, which had ro
retroced them, or at least lessened their foot.

:: 11.03.2022 ::

The No One

I’D give up heaven to be close to you / but sooner
or later fate decides \

How i never wish the world to see my heart’s so broken

INside my Heart a forever rain
that never seems to dry
so every moment of truth & lies
can never understand but understand
i wanna know when i fell down the rampart of
horror’s unknown )inside + out( to strive
hard my angel wings so bruised from this day

Who i am
Who i am
is the
No One

:: 11.01.2022 ::


There are darknesses in life and there are lights
and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.

You are an example to all of us who love you.

He wished to kiss me again, and I resisted it this time,
but in the back of my mind it seemed to me that he had
almost been in despair.

You don’t hear or see somebody talking in this way unless
something terrible has happened to them.

I told him I was there. The man he wanted. I wanted him.
And then, feeling ashamed, I hugged him.

Now he was getting the message: I loved him!

That’s the last thing he needed: to feel loved, then to realize
it, then to die!

Suddenly I didn’t feel tired anymore, and we went on our way.
Him unto dirt and me into the world naked.

The next days I was determined to get some news from him, any news,
by his ghost but there was nothing.

As such I expired my body by blade. Bleed. And became his
as he was mine and I was his.

:: 10.29.2022 ::