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My Life Met A Spectre


My sorrow surrounds me today
It is not a garment I wear
but a thing that sticks to me
Weep I do to one day leave it


No, i do not dwell in sorrow
dear, i grab life and love
each time it my way passes
but my fingers are tired


it is not a thing of flesh
but more-so a breath of air
and her scent is nature
to me she is Mother Nature


What poem could i share
mere words of love and joy
but these are of fire-pain
run far-hide from my stanzas


but if the seven wonders come
and you should match them all
and if blood and fear is no thing
then my heart is yours forever


a whisper escapes my spirit
my soul could not dare say
but i believe in you much so
it’s not of pain and fear

:: 03-21-2014 ::