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WITHIN a moment
Inside this morning
And gossamer floating
Within this moaning
Across the hills
beyond the clouds
Beneath the soil
And through the seas
Happened –

To find me!

A release of joy
A piece of peace
A taste of lore

And i found me

Within this morning
Within this moment
Across the hills
Beyond the clouds
Beneath the soil
And through the seas

It happened –
i found me!

:: 01-23-2018 ::


I wouldn’t care if when your feet
fall upon Mother Earth but since
they do (sometimes fastly,nimble) the notes of heaven and it’s symphony
touches my organHeart like a piece
of gold rattling in my LifeBox gift.
Mostly all ducks walk like shackled
slaves but the swan by eyeGrace
glides beneath sweetened moonlit waters.
I think you are not duck nor swan
but the ballerina of celestial stage
and that symphony beneath
your footfalls marry my heart
to your soul, always when you move
and me, too.

:: 10-17-2014 ::


A most elegant broken-
gait melody by key
my melancholy love,
Nocturne #15 in
F minor speaks
my dusty soul,
Opus 55 #1.
My soulful pain
written in tones
by the romantic
one named Chopin

:: 10-13-2014 ::


a hand and it’s five fingers
each one a story
that gives emotions;
one for love,
when life is frail
the second for age,
when death tries to steal
a third for romance, when life is young
my fourth a prize-gift, she is next to me
and the fifth for Life, which allows me to remember…
life is my sweetest friend
when i go so does my love
it’s the only thing that’s real
and i have eaten pain, so familiar

i tried once, to kill it everyday
spat at the brilliant sun
and dug my heels into the One
and in the end i saw everyone
go away, like the pain i lived
and now, my broken heart steals
what feelings I had buried
beneath the hate and all the hearts
And I ask, “what did I do, my friend.
I squandered my precious ones,
all for the empty fear that ate
my heart…and I should remember,
when I start again…I should
a want to be myself.”

:: 09-29-2014 ::


WHERE they dwell they weep,
luminous souls without seam.
The morning glory beyond,
a promise over all horizons!

They flitter, each by one alike,
across the fields and hearts,
the many, too many to count,
in God’s mystery garden of Life.

And when they touch human souls,
their heavenly feathers awaken
you in His glory and windy-melody,
and you, the child, Awakened!

:: 08-31-2014 ::


just once(a last chance) before
any given letter-day of my yearnings
— years, both are good on fair-
weathered daze,
my Treasures buried deeply There
across Sarah-ahara dunes conically
tease my eyeSky longings pointed
severely at my eyes I gushingly
lustfully kiss your flowerLips
and My desert of Desolation blooms

:: 09-03-2014 ::


THEY drop as by the dead
    My vacant
procession and funeral.
Like the barren field
upon my face
— so slip my tears
beyond the reach
of a broken heart.
Sorrow does drown
an empty Soul —
the bitter debt of Life!

:: 08-26-2014 ::


I could snuggle-eat
each inch of cute-bite
marshmallow lips too!
If I ate the world the
first bite would be you!

:: 06-02-2014 ::


That heart, my butterfly!
Today I felt your wings
with the clasp-prose
of your loving hand!

And we licked the pollen
sugar-lips of our souls
and flew off into the
world’s Unknown!

:: 08-23-2014 ::


I kissed a Monet painting, Van Gogh too!
And Mona Lisa kissed the man behind the
brushstroke of lifePaint. And then that’s when
I saw her walk through the door —
of the outdoor of life, and I cried,
“Art, pop, and poetry!”

She pulled them all inside her heart.
And I was taken by her soul and lips.
And she walks like a portrait off some museum wall!

Built like life and mother Earth,
she came to me through the dream
of my waking life.

And she (oh!) walked and all life and reality
followed her through Life.  And her hair
and eyes said to me, “I was so busy doing
something and nothing for my own life dear.”

That’s when I walked through the LifeDoor
of the Outdoor of Life.
And I caught a butterfly and said, “I think I
love her.”

My woman is poetry, art, and life and lust,
and all God gave to me!

And I think…yeah, think, I could love her.
thunder talking, and lightning walks but
my baby loves me most!

IT’S the art of love.
And she has a strawberry kiss and raspberry lips.

:: 08-30-2014 ::