What if love was free
and tears no more
and fear died alone
and children laughed
knowing life was theirs
to live as they wished

It isn’t so strange
believing in love
if you choose to
it’s inside us all
waiting for you
we could love all

I say dream a day
in which this wish
can come true
it’s above us
and so below
dream a dream

life so wondrous
nothing to die for
and nothing debited
just souls giving
a brotherhood loved
and dreams our friend

:: 02-25-2014 ::

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2 responses to “WHAT IF

  • rainingcrystals

    Yessss❤ I believe in dreaming, hoping and praying. Dreams come true everyday. Sometimes the very act of convincing yourself that we deserve the dream enough that we dare dream it…is all that is needed for manifestation.🌌 This was the perfect piece of poetry to hang my thoughts on before I close my eyes to dream.🌛 Thank you😊 I’m grateful for you💕


  • erobles1963

    I also believe dreams are the fertile fields by which hopes and desire springs forth. Thank you so much for that reply…! ❤


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