The Wish

“You are not beautiful, but you can be so now, you know? Love conquers all and they will see. Love will win over what they have known.”


“Take a piece of your art away and what is it but a broken frame, a wasted picture?”

Poly Mora

“Darling, I won’t go to bed with you if you’re already sleeping with some other woman.”

The Baron and His Piano

“The blood is the life!” she kept repeating in one of her more melancholy moods.
“The blood is the life.”

One morning, The Baron lost a finger during a sword practice.
He knew instantly what it was.
He quickly grabbed his sword and prepared himself for the oncoming stampede.
The Baron desperately asked for a priest to come and put the finger back.
The Baron, at that moment, felt he must know a way to get back his lost finger.

The Baron’s badger, as he is named, knew of a way to put the finger back and give the Baron the use of it again. It was the way to get back at Elspeth.

The Baron started to practice his routine in the morning, at noon, and then again at night.
After a few days of practice, the Baron’s badger noticed a change in The Baron’s behavior.
It appeared as if he was under the power of the ring.
For the first time in his life, The Baron was performing and caring about what he was doing.
For the first time in his life, The Baron had a goal to be achieved and felt he was a man who deserved to have a sword at his side.

On the sixth day, The Baron attacked Elspeth.
She fled to her bed, screaming as she passed out of pure fear.
The Baron knew that she wouldn’t wake up again.
The Baron was angry.

Elspeth’s quick recovery from the kiss earlier in the day was a dark sign.
The Baron asked for no more amorous interruptions.
“I demand a wedding ring!” The Baron growled as he fought off the rest of the band.
The Baron defeated every band member, destroyed the bar, and spent the rest of the evening stripping the bodies of all valuables and firewood.
The Baron did not return home until morning.

The Baron had a plan.
The servant.
The servant realized that he was being manipulated by a ring.
He knew if he went to The Baron, the Baron would never wear the ring again.

And the Baron would never play piano again.

:: 09.21.2022 ::

Move Over Emily Dickinson

LIFE become my dream and Time it’s Time to win back love again
Only love can be what we dream  |  Brightest days have been warm
and if there’s a chance then I love you oh so

All through nights and through days i’m changed around
I make things to make perfect price — if you give me a chance /I still
love you\ i never leave you princess

And hey! Kids.  I see it coming around weather changes  and music is the sound
:candy taste so wonderful i forget her name must’a been something i read online or in a
magazine / she got’s a lot of smiles   Hey, come here toward the party : we have lots
of streets and joy to spread around \ all is wonderful
and let me explain ~~~ she’s the best ever poet
makes words weep | men regret to never know her |
All  the wonderful hearts and she’s the best.

She’s got an electric throat
She’s got an electric Soul
that never lets it loose

She’s __.

:: 09.21.2022 ::


OUR minds are concocted by Machines
those who control space and time/
the incredible magicians of old age
and our government is corrupt
We are trapped in the belly of
the monster called civilization
and the machine is bleeding to death.
Our time has now come to pass.
And we are to see reality.
The many millions of suicides
are now beginning /out of sight\
our animal tendency is one that requires
a sense of humanity. But the many
screams are carried by a dark wind
that blows : there is no government
but the radio is on. We are bleeding
to death and the sun has fallen down
and the billboards are unlit.
It was a moment when the buildings
fell down while mother’s clutched their
babies and fathers fought the faceless
enemies of evils spirits.
The world had forgotten.
There is a devil.
And he is worst than men.

:: 09.18.2022 ::

Adults Are Dead Children

i cannot recommend
but say the playground
is six feet deep.

“Away” the pleasant stay
i have my rocking horse,
sunburned metal toy too
burns my feet: anyway,
my eyes are tears today.

There’s a noise across
the fine-lined trees,
me-think adults
arguing with death’s love!

i sway today in gray
fixed feet above
a pleasant blue-sky,…

Adults are dead children.

:: + ::

Anemic Lie

I saw a lie cross a path
anemic and weak it made its way
craving souls that only know
life of fear and pain

It did not have far to go.



One dimly-seen sunset to the next…
And all will be well, then.
Let me hear the sound of my voice
And it will be O
O you’ll wake up dead…

And I’ll sit looking through the red door,
A clock on its delicate stand…

It will be there on Christmas morning,
You will go on your knees and pray,
As the clock chimes four.

Then the doors will open once more.
And you’ll go to the altar,
Then I’ll show you my body,
And my spirit,
Like the thing of hell itself,
A hairy thing, rotten…

You’ll feel you’ve come to a place…
That’s different.
To have your spirit stopped,
As it presses against the bed,
Is worse than death…

And your hands will feel a ghastly little thing,
You’ll think, oh, god…
Then suddenly…
You’ll feel yourself,
Like you’ve always been,
Like I was,
Like I’ve been in my whole life
And the sea…
Let me hear the sound of my voice,
And it will be O

O you’ll wake up dead.

:: 09.13.2022 ::

Corazon Colapsado

THE WORLD is beside me
eating my dreams
the footsteps of souls
wet from wept tears
forever my unwritten story
cowered scribe inside
destroying all god’s light
becomes dry dirt
and lost eversecent
My collapsed heart.

:: 09.13.2022 ::