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THE boots are marching
through the cities,
mud, and frost
The boots are marching
and they bring red capes
across the borders

The boots who stamp
their footprints upon
the faces of the dead,
dying, and fearful
are coming

But the four seaons
are unpreturbed by
human nonesence
and the world turns
the world turns
within fire, blood,
and anguish …
the pain of living.

And the boots
they are marching
into the THIRD!

:: 12-23-2017 ::




i was in war when the call came
speakers blaring ‘take cover’
and you said goodbye dear
continents away in flesh and spirit
went the dream into the fire
why were you so quiet?
when heaven fell.
Baghdad is a adolescent face
full of acne
and the sand damper killing
So carefully I crawled into
the foxhole and cried for life
and love — one war won (i lived)
another lost (in love).

:: 10222015 ::


Thdawkch thdawkch Thdawkch
machine weapon of war
machine human-heart
marching across the world
boots with feet dancing famine
and all the politicians cry
watching their votes dying
a twenty-first century horror

:: 09-01-2015 ::


WE carry heavy moments;
some upon backs and
then when others choose
hearts — burstForth
song and prose!
i know the little mouth
it is my heart but
largest when i write;
and to know humans
who destroy dreams
i say even the dead
can die again
always war

:: 07-25-2015 ::


IF wars were waged by words
in place of bombs and bullets
then wars would wage a battle
upon the countryside of Souls
— more than flesh or mind!
Who would victory embrace
if all our words were fear and hate?
No one my kindred spirit!

:: 10-18-2014 ::


THE human heart


but a FLOWER

has never waged



I saw a reason today
to walk into a war
and she said it’s okay
and I went for family

and i was a brave heart
and mortars fell beside me
and the day never ended

one day I took a phone call
and she said today my dear
something has changed
and it’s my heart

I took bullets and death
and my dream was for you
and the children at your feet

she used to love me a lot
and I remember the good times
and prayed it’s not too late
to start again to start again

but her bullets tore through me
and her war was more than that
where i was sitting that day
and today i am a casaulty

she used to love me
yes, she once loved me
but the war is now won

I gave it my best shot
but love is an enemy at best
and God has His plan for life

:: 04-02-2014 ::


I walk a road alone if I do
what road do you walk – alone
and if we agree in love
then what road we walk
what may save us is you
and me and love and that road

ideology and passion for life
is what measures a slice
a political move not my belief

monopoly of political defense
is not what I subscribe to
its about our children too

In a night billions will die
and Leaders have no defense
and the Spirit has left

That view of life is rot
and defused is common sense
and life a singular defense

There’s no such thing as …
a political move in life
when children believe in you

and I sing an anthem of love
and earth and life and  God
when humans have the choice

to live a life of love
or burn the paradise
given by God and Love

:: 03-31-2014 ::


THE lie so gel and tick
centuries upon centuries
a timeless tatoo upon soul
we were lost in that time
who we are so goddamn grand
but those Ones who watch
afraid of our very souls
at their touch could erase all
the contempt for that source
of war and faminine and death
i am no longer human but animal
cornered and challenged to a point
i shall risk all to gain what lost

:: 03-22-2014 ::