Daily Archives: November 22, 2014


It’s been 14 dreary days since you
took my heart away (thundercloud
dripping sadness, clapping applause)
I saw my face in a shattered mirror
the broken glass Picasso’d me
so I ate a purple-painted brush
threw up on my canvas of life
You — like me, I like you, you not so
simply adviced by Cupid’s broken arrow
So I walk the garden and snappy leaf
of my favorite Venus lie-traps
licked my wounds and bumble B
stinging my dripping painted heart
I couldn’t have met my fate with you
without my garden of shyness and love
so I gave you a clapping hand upon
these past fourteen heavenly days
Forever, forever, forever!
Even though I forgot the contour
of your Mona Lisa lying face
and somebody else already used
the word of a chained heart in hell
but I wish I had more time
opportunity to explain my disgust

:: 11-21-2014 ::