Daily Archives: November 6, 2014


LIKE life anyone like
my love — so fascinated
by love, I gave so
many tears, like my
forgiving heart.

I died between love
and all the smiles
simply, i say
you’re not the one
== my uninvited

I cried like rivers,
his meaningful purpose
flowing blood from me
by rocks of my River,
i bruise so easily.

And you, you’re alone
and my ghostDream now
drowns in my puddleTears
so deeply is anguish
a skirt burning like sun
and my heart-soul too.

But you, my wishful one
are so uninvited by me
and now like life, anyone
like my love — so fascinated
I walk into woods forgotten.

And you like expansive hope
makes me die when i’m alone.
i have no route inside my heart
instead experience tells me
you’re not invited but ghost

:: 11-05-2014 ::


HEROES walking so softly
l i ke
my feet cry like my heart
consequently ourLife demand
in bed the dreams make
breakfast for us
just a time like lovers
love — you can never leave
and for a change i gave you
me…believe in me

In me i see the neverSpace
without you meDied
and another time you lived
and forgot my soul believe
believe…believe in me
The universe has her heart
but her sisters — untold numbers
so goodnight…i see you everywhere

and if everyShould took my life
i should say it lives within me
and you, if you climbed into light
you would see me…there across
the megaVerse of my Love for you
and I beautifully believed in you
tonight, my feet cry like my heart
i crucified my Brother-in-one,
and another, gave the world
justfor the beating heart
of you…and for a change
i gave you
me, believe in me…

:: 11-04-2014 ::


AND everything
iTook A favorThumb
EverySay, EverySay, EverSay

AndALL inMy try
I tookSucking
theThumb ofMy babyLife
I use to wake up sucking thumb
I loved you mother a
——–>AND EveryThing
Everything so everything seems
soNice to my youngHeart
I cried whenI wokeUp sucking
sucking on my prisonSentence
of life and all the cottoncloud
floatingdead someWhere?

I took yourHand and holdIt still
I tried, triedTo say, “Love is
likeAsucking thumb”
My hand is my ownFlesh
a dream as is everytHiNg
I used to wake up SuckingThumb.
And inMyHead were colours of life
everyThing and EveryTHinG tried
to say

:: 11-05-2014 ::


I thought of you
when grew skies
so blue upon
the dancing rim
of morning light
Betwixt love and life!

I knew like love!
The heavy mourning
needing, swearing!
And the dot of sun
exploded across there!

The lamb cried, “Me!”
Wider than any eye
is my countryside!
I could only mouth
my broken soul
in the sound of you:
Hum, buzz-coo, chirp
warble hearted soul
nature has her voice
And human too!
to this testament
i only say: ah-ahem.
PleaseMe, badonkadonk!
The shyEye hides!

:: 11-05-2014 ::


My cosmic forgotten-LY
Ocean spoking
it’s you so ooh
just you bell rANg
ahh ooh soo new
just let me kiss
the ‘you’ I know
I die brought meBack
stars so falling upon
inside bareback tonight
I tucked my tongue and insides
knew the emptiness-death
So cold suck so thumb
— you knew. It’s a starside
my brilliant DiamondEyes
She knew, so sad a saying
myFlew dispersing universe
many so many worlds
and my megaVerse too
All inside you
that I knew

:: 11-04-2014 ::


Nothing so better
<bitter tasting>
like bitten life!
my mouth
(Kneed me love)
caught my surpris-
ingly boyish delight!
WhenNow captures
my all everything!
She wore dressRead likes
thereGo my heart!
Chasing time and her,
the pasting road
My goodness!
Einstein riomance
drowed by exquisitely
compressed variable!
The none-from-one
to two!

:: 11-04-2014 ::