Daily Archives: November 5, 2014

[and the sun always rises like a faithful love]

Dear, I can not say
like I should but my
mouth is a broken thing.
My love fixed it within dreams
but awakening I broke
the spell of its works.
The shame rests overThere
across the valley of hope
where suspenseful wouldBe
lovers practice their hungeyKiss.
Dear, my love bursting light!
I ran so farther than my heartSkin
I am not now a hugging post
you should see me when night
bows for a new day — me.
I rise as your day’s sun!

:: 11-04-2014 ::


Solid legs / \ my grand preying
mantis )attack( my nature
ate scissorCutter leafs
yourSoul e y e s.
slender casing souled
my love to God! I see!
no, wish I did! you there!
Panther thoracic mouthSoul!
A beauty so not of this world!
[we are alike in our role of few lines where we are the misunderstood]

:: 11-04-2014 ::


That blade which takes
I took that made
what cuts I did
so did I bleed
and took my road
that dust and blood
the path my blade
had cut for me

:: 03-31- 2014 ::


NOT a goodbye my sweet birds
but that season    change
o’er time
   and human need
the burrow may borrow
what little warmth
   of rabbit
but the sun sees and need
a grand love we give Her
So not a goodbye
   little    ones
a promise for future-tomorrow

SEX 101

Light cried
when God
and all
giving birth
to THIS!

:: 11-02-2014 ::


YOU like anyone so fascinating
by unknowns like me, like any
lovely heart — woman, I’m a fashion
like Nations that die. A fascination
uninvited: my simple craving
dies each moment and crumbles life.

Detection through you, instrument
of my mind, my stoic dancing
burning inside you. And you, your not
alone but expected. You dream like mind,
a released creativity across
my uncharted territory, so intriguing.

And strangely I’m so excited
but i know I’m within
that circle of your uninvited life
an unexpected life.

:: 11-03-2014 ::


if you believe in me
I should believe
in gods and fairy-tales
I believe a top
is a tall space inside
my vacant love
my apartment cries
all four walls and seeing
you heart is believing
the less I feel inside
I love the smile of
a hungry red panda
and isn’t sweet
love sharp teeth tearing
the tender insides
of all painful fears
And all the spinning
tops so tall a space
inside my vacant life

:: 11-03-2014 ::

W. E

W.   E
MU.   St
  B E

A   RT

:: 11-04-2014 ::