Daily Archives: November 9, 2014


the beauty of the
smite me!
A machinery
of faulty flesh
encased by Soul
in all the UNIVERSE!

:: 11-08-2014 ::


You gave me hammer and nail
to build a house of prose
upon the hearts of souls
I took the words like sand
my diligent hands bled
building the castleSoul
and real estate by the sea
soon shall eat my sweat and tears!
Life is a word built by hearts
and the soul like an ocean
that eats her sandy beaches!

:: 11-08-2014 ::


AND when you hear God-speak
does your mind weepingly think
what am I and where is this?
and the purpose slippery fish
lost within that vast ocean

And do you sense a smelling love
of fragrant rose with your name
that all was made just for you
and all is a part of your heart
like the stars — your children too?

The secret is the truth
that tucked-away memory
a treasure chest in sands
awaiting your fingers to grasp
Dreams are memories like life!

:: 11-08-2014 ::


Between the frost and dreams of my afternoon,
while sitting waiting so patiently for you
I saw the scene arrange itself
as though by your will; a flower here
and the sun there and love within my heart

I grew a stem-lit candle by my fear
the wax bled through my life slowly
and Romeo echoed all the pain my dear
my ceiling caught the dancing flame
and the corner shadows sang Juliet

And the table of dinner by the wine
and the windows opened for the ghosts
sat Rachmaninoff my intimate friend
That I think should be my soulMate
Should be resurrected for this date

And time stood silently by the gate
while mere mortals like God’s heart
defied the laws of human-fate
I chose the soup and crumpets
and watched the world die this night

:: 11-08-2014 ::


Soully by falling heartFeet
i held you lunar love,
the constant companion
over me lighting darkness
A whisper across spaceless
timeWalls sweet Light
my Lunar lovely one!

And all clearly now for me
not division of thought
but by love of precision
I see you up there hanging
across the GodHand Cosmos
And though distance stings
Our midnight kisses memories

And though the sun comes again
I still know the gently softness
of your Lunar Light Breasts
I share the love and beauty
of your gracefull presence
and hunger besets my days
while waiting for My Luna!

:: 11-08-2014 ::


I thrust my head upward
though skewered by
my sharply limping words
and see the prose in my veins
of the promise for clarity
in this wet bag of blood!
When does flesh ever know
purity when decay is it’s friend?
That I know when an eye sees
the setting of a sun
another sees it rise!
And what of love and death?
Does the same eye see heaven
while another hell which seems
to be all the same as the sun?
I believe the impossible is true.

And the parts of all of me too,
see long beginnings and someThing;
the abstract as if it were insight
by my own admission I am delusional
And time melts the salt from my tongue
Its vague touch asserts a personal nature
but I am not soulDead, it’s not for me
in the cosmic corner Jester cries

:: 11-08-2014 ::