Daily Archives: November 30, 2016

what Will YOU re(de)ceive?

i feel defunct beyond
reason AND …
there are some who say
, “suffer the children”
i Went through (all the horror)
it all once
so never AGAIN because
i shut my eyes
and say, say, “my heart is
r e d   f l o w i n g  f o r  (shut your eyes)
the good guys and bad guys
and angels
therefore Monsters — and
through it all i sacrificed
my nothings!

(“i’M sane!”)And who has the frost?
while I’m burning LOVE?
KISS — > ME!

:: 11-29-2016 ::


///i’m a Lost Freaked-Out Mars-Day Man\\\

Hi Lola I’m Phillip and I read your profile and find you very
interesting. I like your sense of inner strength and also a
sharp conviction too. Formidable skill sets! I’m highly
educated too and will be starting my PhD early next year.
But, I’m not just a ‘nerd’ but also a poet and musician of
sorts. And painter. If interested, please SMASH THE ‘LIKE’

oH, i wrote you a small poem while writing my quick message!

// AMAZING POETRY ! ! ! \\


I remember when we met
was a day i fell off
the highest c l O U D!

So come with me
toward a memory
when we First Met

Well sweet dear
come with me
my soulmate to Mars

Where my Time stopped
and so did yours

A time so Wonderful ~
if you come to see
with me Love

An Ocean of Gold,
Blue and Jasmine
so i tell you:

“Oh, that’s sa’ day

and i love you!

Some day it’ll be ok

:: 11-29-2016 ::