Daily Archives: August 7, 2018


Dear! Broken is the heart
if nature not adored
and if zip-splashed colors
upon tender Spring petals
does not soften the Soul!

And brevity like sudden
delight pleases reading

:: 08-06-2018 ::


A morning’s fear broke through my
bedroom’s window pane
The color black choked the remnants
of my dream — it’s taste, the pink
of pain

i kiss my darkest ghosts goodbye
and embraced my lover’s secret place

THAT out of this ruin
from dust of violence
you created paradise
THAT now my ocean is
this deeper blue &
all my pain within a wooden crate
floats miles from screaming faces

And a hole dug as deep as a man
is tall holds a broken spade,
rusted like my ancient thoughts.
Today i vow to never allow my
ghosts to feast on fear or pain.

:: 08-06-2018 ::