Daily Archives: August 30, 2018


IF feelings are a thing
as sensations of stirring
and numbness a groom
without its bride
what of feelings
that include numbness,
for each of us to decide?
To favor feelings to live
as a gift bestowed surely
defeats if not ignores
the greedy plight of
numbness —
the disregard
of life!

:: 08-26-2018 ::


MY sweet guest today
visit but just me
within the parlor of
my Spirit
And tea for two;
one for me and the other
i sip for you
the lonely sacrament
this day.

My sweet guest

:: 08-26-2018 ::


i am dumb. you caught me eating beach sand
when steak is upon the table. And now my teeth
are crumbling sand castles / as youth begged me
to build my empire? \ i am old. the guardian of
my soul reminds me a hater sees though blind and
lovers be blind but can see \an emptiness felt i
have never filled. The sensitive see more and
the poor eat feasts within their sleep. i weep.
bolts of lightening. laughter created the universe.
wewereso youthful and time yet born when the
few of us decided to explore the ‘place of darkness’
and found life which creates life. i am
dumbfounded. by free will. we all have it but
without choice. ____/\___/\_/\__________

:: 08-29-2018 ::