Daily Archives: August 29, 2018


Life! The incarcerated occupation!
Burdened to carry flesh and sentenced
to stow divinities spark behind cave
of bone.

Oh the maintenance! My legs as columns
that support an apartment complex; the
plumbing, the water works, faded windows,
the noisy neighbors!

The furnace burns within summer
The central air within deep of winter.

And from the attic is all to see!
The tended graveyard
The psyche hospital on the corner of
Lame and Feeble.

A police department for unruly poets
and the complimentary adjacent court house.

Ah. And the orphanage for unwanted children!

Is my neighborhood
Is my incarcerated occupation

Until my landlord evicts me,
and once again to be a FREED COSMIC SOUL!

:: 08-28-2018 ::