Daily Archives: September 22, 2020


FED upon pain and desolation    his skin was translucent
and a heart of tulips      a mind — scentless
a world a countries refused  to feed him;  counties
and borders of seaman    aah!  away!  go away!
eyes of life & truth       abdomen as a wasp
lips stinging liars         he held a hip of holsters
truth-gun shooting liars     caught the flowers of a
dying field of a Nation      ahhh!  Go away!  Go away!
Go away!!!!    A school of      mushrooms and a day full of
night — a fit for lying      bastards hey!!!! go away!
go away!  go away!  go away!
His memories were born before
his flesh — aaaah!  Ahhh!
go away go away go away!

:: 09.21.2020 ::


AT times as now
i happen to be tired
of being a man.
so fashionably sensible
entering tailor shops
or movie theaters
; the weather tearing me
apart, an impenetrable,
i hide under the wings
of a swan; smoking my
cigars and talking over
the murmur of the rain’s

i happen to be tired
of my feet and my face —
it’s always the same.
some have said i am the mysterious
one with the hair of a god/not me\
so this is my heart bleeding
before you — upon my knees
-[death would be lovely i imagine]
to be brilliant i need to run down
the streets with a sexy knife screaming
how i love Mozart: shouting until
i freeze to death. But with my
dark eyes and hidden heart: poetry
or eyeglasses, and elevators.
life is breaking my heart.
Nevertheless i am delighted
to awaken ghosts and lost loved ones;
to slay a priest or his nun with my
veins — to walk through churches
or crawl through orthopedic shops,
and the world of foolish games.

the dove of love is filled
with spilt blood and deep tears.

:: 09.21.2020 ::