Daily Archives: September 21, 2020


TIME fell before my aching feet:
that i know little is more than
most who think they know all;
i watched time squirm before
me as a puddle of water —
i saw her dress make sounds,
silent before a breeze toward
i wept as a dew against
moist violets, as nature does;
and saw time die before me.
her greatest hand was sharp
dampness of a violet leaf
that cut my heart within approaching
exasperated winter hunger.
today i met space who cried;
having lost his best friend
called time his tongue was pale
searching for dead bodies and
broken teeth.

:: 09.21.2020 ::


DEATH sheltered upon the spit of dying souls;
sun and heat a giant cat with one flat foot
upon a devil’s wing — the homosexual and
amorous spirits that cross a garden in dead
of night make scary sounds.
my throat an elevator from heaven descending
toward hell with every swallow; my non-
existent ring upon a broken finger as throbbing
sexual oysters.

to smell the clean spirit of angels are as hanging
clothes upon a clothesline within a Spring’s breeze.

:: 09.21.2020 ::


i act as the poet this night, this time for a Soul with empty stares.  Without
melancholy or extermination, of a broken home with distance mother and father —
believing not knowing that bitter Souls have separated hearts.  Time grows me
older but not my skin nor flesh — bride — we dream within pride!
   others grow death through disease.  So we hard harder toward the feast of Paradise.
Where did she go wrong/ hey! mother! Father!  come back!  i’m trying!
hey!  Mother! Father!  dreamer i commend my light to her dark star,
for family.  
    Nature so stretched out.  Two oiled
lamps with the gentle flame of her flesh.
   I watched over bleched bones and
the clothes of the once impregnated
with seminnoctural material.
  Withing this historic way my bones
and flesh acquired a great thought
of preponderance in my loving
and forever living intentions:
   do you not know I write of you
;those in the future.  
   it’s heavenly.


:: 09.20.2020 ::  


SWEET falling light of a waning day /tomorrows\
to dream of a Life over pain
crushed by distance and time — you come to
show me : near or far and wherever we are
the heart follows & once again we find our
hearts closer now.
Tears fall and fears break minds
so love is Love when Love is with you
and i hold you again
Once…near and more so far in time
once more you open hope and find me
Oh! Nothing i fear! That i know
love wins over thoughts and flesh and
time! Forever this way we are together
within entwined hearts.

near—far; wherever love falls i believe
the heart follows & we go on — forever.

:: 09.20.2020 ::


i wish to look out upon a summer’s day
  with you and me to catch colors and chills
& how i suffered for my sanity  to catch swirling clouds
of bright blues and summer haze
i will paint a pallet dark & gray
   watching shadows upon the hills
now i know what my heart tried to say
to me — i did  not listen then but now
those colors of changing hue
and mornings of weathered faces
and lines of pain and now i understand
that while within a revere i was lost
//i caught a breeze and winter chill\\
you listen now?  under flaming flowers
perhaps now? love listens now when i 
stood alone upon a pier and watched
these beautiful stars tonight — i
watch the world and the strange souls i met;
like crushed beneath virgin soil and shall
they listen now?  
   Love gives much toward hope.

:: 08.20.2020 ::