Daily Archives: September 19, 2020


WHERE are my poets? I wish to play
a game known as, “Exquisite corpse.”
It also goes by, “Cadavre exquis.”
We should collectively gather
our words and images so lovely.
I cleaned my parlour for this game,
and have wine and foods for all!
Let our hearts and souls gather!

:: 08-30-2014 ::


The royal lover in colors comes this way today,
with sweets and cool kisses
by widened streets; swept clearly away
by preceding reputation.
Oh mother what nature!
Your pallet bleeds my soul
and brush HeartStrokes
across my passionSpirit!

:: 09-13-2014 ::


\W H I L E we fall deeply into Life as towers
falling high
with hope of love and sugar emotions
angels behind following our trail of spirit
you and me belong to us at the height of
golden days underneath silver rain and timeless
— extensive nights and days of suddenly heard.
look and we see –> a great dampness
of soft silky memories while time burns our
skin and memories.

A serenade of Life.

:: 09.19.2020 ::


IF i see you next to never
  that hour is mine
for ever that it takes,
thinking, burying thoughts
that spring forth in soil
by long fields of tulips.
  at times i get up late
other times early while
i untangle time within
my lost mind — the golden
gulp of sadness swallowed.
  my rage is sad smoothing
the waves of all oceans.
my thin body stretched
towards the sky.
 helicopter petals of
all brilliant colors
swirl upon my head;
at these times no less
than happy hours of bliss
and kisses.
    there is no reason for
love other than love.
it has been the best merger
of words and emotions
scarcely beginning upon your

:: 09.19.2020 ::


IF you asked me to use your love
tonight by sunlight or by fallen
night, i could not do so;
while my flesh is hungry for you
my Soul and Mind respects the
Light of your Heart.
and as your breasts heave
with lust, i cannot forsaken
the trust i have with my own

If by nocturnal influence,
the strongest of ferocious urge,
my gaze upon your tender twin legs,
(i mount and mouth in bites the moist
stars of your two eyes)
While my manly chest presses against
your tender female heart; for the ocean
and for the sun’s depth — all of you
is destined for the plow.
i do not shy away but respect
you. when you have come up for air
we shall talk. Until then, my amorous one,
the moon’s tender light ignites your large
expecting eyes.

:: 09.19.2020 ::