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The Gods withdraw, and he comes forth; wherein four are crammed, the “Great Ones”.

In Earth then he dwells, but his presence sends and clouds o’er the mountains, exalt’d with light, and in rays that run all night long appear.

He looks from out the circle of his globe; the fires gild with his sweet smoke, and gladness e’en may-blossoms blush.

To Iast he draws light and prosperity, and his studious song enlivening the night.
From miles away, echoing echo, to the plain, and then a merry note trills, from his bright tongue.

Songs are breathed to him the flower of Earth, and he wings all the cold, and flying creatures:
he also enkindles the heart of birds, and all the earth with a shower of star-bites.

He fondles the earth and sees all the change. He makes mountains rise and rock the water,
and make paths for animals and swine alike.

“O fickle sere,” thinks, “I may make you melt!

i will change your position; I will trample on you.” A lovely shew, flashes on his face; the matter heats, to a heat far greater, and changes its own form.

Girrrl, who never saw the world, methought it nigh this majestic beast;

it now before her than she had met.

:: 03.16.2021 ::


Thus men tumbled, whilst each struggled for peace;
And the lives of one overlaid and those of the other,
and fortunes of two falleth to the first:
which, when few lived, did vie with one another;
and now half died, so that now one lives.

Tho’ to each a body to live, yet they grapple
upon one common body; thus this strife
of gods, and men, and air, and water,
the product of long labouring labour,
bringing tenfold glory to Caesar’s era.

Then seeing which only worked greater grief
and loathsome toil, what I should in this short space fail to copy,
i reflected on those works that I thought most difficult,
And composed the poem above, to divide the toilsome march
with one finished task to be done; and yet to finish
with a sigh and a droop, a little less evil than it began,
but therefore nobler in sentiment than it began.

So therefore, last rites and unhappily now,
this song, until next next time, alas! thus sad.
Oh but these thrills and comforts that Nature gives,
which every hour she bestows, are, alas!

Till last year, little could reach those whom Nature
possessed by the book of science, but such
as she leaves behind for the end of time!

:: 03.16.2021 ::