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PEOPLE call me just to say hell
people call me just to say low
and inside of my darkness
inside of this nightmare
is my prison cell
is my contusion
is my confusion
and i’m not well i’m kind of ill
just sick feeling pain
oh let it rain just let it rain
i have to disengage all this rage
and call upon a priest for blasphemy
inside of me it’s inside of me
like a cat fighting zero gravity
all alone all alone
down to the bone
so sorry now but i gotta go
let me go all alone.

:: 10-11-2018 ::


THAT other day
when i died
that day when i tried

the water too deep
i tried to swim
just for air to breath

that day the carnival
come to life’s town
clowns and fair colors

my family waited for me
but the river did drown
my hopes and dreams in life

but i struggled against wave
Trident’s grasp of my lungs
and alas gave him my hope

Terra firma that i was born
but now a watery grave
but my soul walks the land

:: 03-26-2014 ::


AND what of me?” asked fear.
“I have no thing that hugs nor kisses or desires me…”

Compassion stared then gently replied.
“But you are not real therefore of no concern.
When you realize this then shall you be set free.”

:: 01-29-2014 ::


HOW I miss the touch
of tender flesh
loving eyes
such gentle kiss
But weak I was
before many born
and took my life
— emotional storm
But if I could
look back with eyes
or shout above
these screaming cries
to you say I would
— love life
live in love
whether pain or sorrow
for the living
— there’s always tomorrows



FOUGHT in the trenches of France
the screams belied the deeds
Instead of ‘for country!’
more said for love of mother

The trench reeked of gas
but the tents smelled of smoke
if you had’em you smoked’em
boots rotted and socks to hell

The voyage to paradise made
— Lady Liberty with her staff
as stiff as any military man
the diesel smoke choked many

Prohibition ran into my roads
From Chicago to musty Atlanta
bullets, broads, booze and brute
there I met my fate in rain-lead

Say nothing to the solider
speak low my ghost-friend
you were there too – I know
even though you don’t remember



I BOUGHT a slice of peace
for the price of half my soul
The merchant frowned
as I placed the cost
across his counter
— frayed and worn
was my soul…
But then I showed
the inner half
— was brilliant
and pure as gold
‘My good man…’
— said the merchant
‘Just a piece shall do’