Daily Archives: October 29, 2021


LOVE lee one:  do not come around here but Always the first time
giving up & waiting (between fern leaf’ing hug)s’ing between the
angle of life and living windows — thy wholly imaginary house
of inviolate darkness_____

x’pecting me except perhaps long
dim hours of sleep | a swarm of interpretations like rocking chairs
and hearing the news we’re all diseased.

Marvelously never knowing idleness brings tears of phosphorus light
into these animal-like gestures.  Three puppies in the Kansas small
town drug store window: like the woman i found in a shop window
in the rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette.

Her tights were rolled in flour ready for the baking of a brick oven-lovely

Deep divers spelunking pleasures in all wonderous unknowns are the moments of
my youth — to be born in Sorrow, like Sorrow (true) then growing a stem outside

:: 10.29.2021 ::


If life would allow me ‘yes’ a garden from my heart-soil
would grow beyond sky.

Yellow-green blades swaying in step with that hidden song
twirling notes and trumping bass and lay between smooth thigh
nature scents caressing soul.

Life hunger betrayed too long.

Phantasmagoric nature reveal tulips upon a man-vessel bare
undulating passion melting there; if life would allow me yes

a farmer beating plowshare
be toiling in your fields
the harvest of a lifetime

if life would allow me ‘yes.’

:: – ::