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Oh wait, for me wait as i once did
for that pink balloon inside your
heart / that cares only for warmth
and love | the likely process of
the decay of a body becomes that
tear inside my heart \as i hardly
notice the feel of time fleeing
pain and darkness in her arms
or her thigh between day and

:: 11.30.2021 ::


Dark clouds as lonely as my heart Weeping tears of my life
so begins again the night the fright of living life

I want to be the one
I want to leave & run
I want to see the end
to taste real things

All my life I wanted to feel but fear a hold upon my heart
Never had a thing to say to the indifferent Souls
So let me feel let me hear all the pain of my lost life

Where I belong. sadly wondering
Where I cry.

Where I live inside a vault
where it’s all my own fault.

So dark clouds as lonely as my heart
weeping tears of my own life.

:: 11-06-2017 ::


THE WINGS of the birds upon the table
(went hungry) I saw the light over
the confessional and the voice said:


UPON THE table the fires again
and the mouths are choking
I don’t mind stealing bread to
feed the children. Yeah. We’re
dying farmers and the mouths are
bread for the children (we’re going

How free is poetry to express
mindless anger. It can also express
love and forelove senseless.

Serial killers are evil. Hello?
They like hurting little things that
cannot fight back.

Humans by far are the most evil
creatures of nature.

:: 11-23/2021 ::


I love i try squeezing each other — someone else?
squeezing : too tear you apart (oh what you say?) vocal talent?
Oh – too two? My scarab bled. Oh, young minds get up and out.
how you sleep eye’d waken yea rapture.
Depending abrasion it held my body
running for my life :
running / shock social medical \
forgot formation medication :
covid decay my life — running for
life — yeah running for my l;ife..
I kept my religion inside my head
(terrible flavor) beat bounce yeah
in my seat fauci medical ? watching
records — hold me. I run. took two
shots and sipping life and fever if
it comes — fall butterflies flittering
while I decay | all for love and life.
I’m runnuing from my life.
I had you inside my coat pocket
and my flesh is vampire and never die
a sun is a chemical and human thing
: medical. Never die. How I wish it
would defy the monster inside my vein.
Never. All medical, yea. I’ so sorry
I forgot you. Human soul.

–> life is fun | death? /medical\
eternal life is posion.
never the one that dies.
NO WALLS no decay.
running from my life : i’m running
from life and i shed this life to make another one
met Mozart and met Marc Anthony and Cleo —
boring people ….who hurt so many/ and Christ…
yea I holy ONE. So sorry I saw you die — oh how
you asked me not to save you. CAN YOU MEND MY HEART.

:: 11.3.2021 ::


LISTEN to the silence
how it comes to me
And when I am in trouble
it is fine.
AND inside this round
of darkness i speak of
broken hearted people
: let it become as me/
an answer inside of me.
TODAY i spoke a word
and grew tomorrow:
And inside my head oh
inside my heart i knew
it was to be so
TOMORROW is a whisper
and yesterday a light
who shines upon my
wisdom. Who are we?
Oh, who are we?
The yesterday that
shines upon today
and wishes tomorrow.

:: 11.22.2021 ::


ONE MAGICAL DAY (when little souls can) that when they can become.
As if they become.  The greedy people cunning inside caverns ___

Hiding the tender flesh: the easy beating hearts hating hate —
(as think as they can feel)  and evil and love feel as think as
they can feel they when and they how life for until through the
sun in that heaven say Be — all life is One.

Today purple as tomorrow pink — today black as dead blood
bleeding.  Is our rent for a world we besiege.  Eating
destroy green a valley!  Picturesque serene views of
ancient hamlets on foothills!  

Miracle of science defiance to nature — time travel.
I burned into ashes scaring mature nature.

rules follow — today three thousands of years away.

And what greed to be tamed!

:: 11.22.2021 ::


| ID | Title | Date | Revision | Tags | Poem |
| 5 | A Circus Called Springtime | 4/30/2011 | | | As autumn lays before your feet |
| | | | | | with golden rays beneath fallen leaves |
| | | | | | there is a promise for future spring |
| | | | | | |
| 6 | Chaos at Doorsteps | 5/24/2011 | | | And, if I told you that love |
| | | | | | is the source of creation |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | And, darkness abides the whisper |
| 7 | A Smile Cannot Unmask | 5/26/2011 | | | A smile cannot mask the joy for life ~ e.p.robles |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| 8 | A Circus Called Springtime (v2) | 5/31/2011 | | | As autumn lays before your feet |
| | | | | | with golden rays beneath fallen leaves |
| | | | | | there is a promise for future spring |
| | | | | | |
| 9 | ELECTRIC BLUE FIRE | 5/12/2011 | | | When my connection breaks away |
| | | | | | will you remember me |
| | | | | | like a melody |
| | | | | | |
| 11 | Casablana Knows | | | | |
| | | | | | Slow kisses beneath the moon |
| | | | | | a passion so great |
| | | | | | our minds swirl |
| 12 | Eyes | 11/6/2011 | | | What woman could come close |
| | | | | | to the beauty you command |
| | | | | | such a lovely soul |
| | | | | | your future love, a lucky man |


MY heavy silent voice the lush-lust flesh of lost paradise.
Midnight Insane. As war that tore centuries of Nations my
beautiful one. I die(d) many times and here I stand firmly
attesting love and await you — love forEVER through time.
I ate my sanity to save my love which keeps me
– my heavy silent voice, forever and then much more

Since we’re gone.
Since we’re gone.
The sun never needs to rise.

Going grocery shopping and mass confusion
selecting which eyes we choose: blue, brown,
green, or black? A mass production | how she keeps her nails
clean. i TRY SO FUCKING HARD to remain sane! It erases
all my energy to wait until my Angel visits.

Oh, it’s just a fucking alibi. One spirit messing with another 🙂
Oh, i eat orange dream skies my love, my love, oh how i eat
my love. Oh! My love ? My love. | She ran so lost her garter
and while I was crusing blue lit road she called / sweet lip’d
word of life: come save me. Hmm. Upon the edge of night
i ensured I’d confuse myself. Female batman called me. Let it die.
Homeginize , desensentize, all safe in the end — it’s all you are>:
do you have to always end? Oh Candy. Sweet heart’d tooth may need
you so.

:: 06-10-2014 ::


BLUE fluid drink flotsam
here___<> kiss me?
Love! — maker of my ocean
in that always beyond this
poem or any other written
whose body is afraid.

That is perfectly beautiful
as is — and never boasts
dead beauties as we share
love and kindness within
one heart. Jetsam.

Through and though
out of dark the earth
lives with or without you.

WERE (hopes) moon, sun, stars
and universe within my Soul.
for you and me and then them
will shy burning moments
of because:
each why.

:: 11.2.2021 ::


INSIDE my heart was a face that lies
how i gave to give and left to meet
the Soul inside my head.

So cold and cobalt friend — times
are for others with mistakes
i walked with dead feet and sang

“Little One cry and beg for love”
crying to lose as down knee
the bigger one’s who ungrows.

heaven sent lik(e–>ingte) sun
disgrace. as much as a(tom)s’sing
a writen(who)
oh times gone for honest soul
xploding a Re(n’t)


with e.e. cummings words/inspiraztion