Daily Archives: November 12, 2021


the electric thought impaired
my decaying mind, this tonight
in here and there, still looks,
the bruised infinity
of my blue humility,
and a breach of decorum
tore a mouth wide-apart
[mine] large and accurate,
not persuasive but one
accessible for the stars
And Kelpie gave me strenght
whose hoove-falling heart
breached the in-be tweeness
of this world and my own

:: 10-04-2014 ::


NOW      SLEEPING  as time tik-toks by
my — shoulder hurts like bleeding eyes
upon my Idol of Christ  so my face is numb
so here we go /crock cooking human spine:
my senses go into delirium and now i go
My vacation is a skull inside a dry mouth
oh now //we go so we sing alone
\i try Mouth> dryfully is anyone else
entirely (sexy sings more suddendy  than)
whose tiniest delirium smiles? may Be gigger
big than scope __>figgers: face so numb
inside my room. Hidden him in a closet
closed in my shroom. A of point of delirium.

What, ?  that beast i heard screaming
in the night.  A woman or fox weeping
in her heat?  

:: 11.11.2021 ::


DID you see that girl in the corner? Next to the books and coffee beans? Coughing i only smelled the aroma of brilliant coffee like old pages of a book of poetry sleeping. I felt warm and could never look away
so-bent warning (traveling this far) better to say i’m sentimental___(going through my head amour than this feeling flutter-flying butter pie. Dropping me to the wooden floor like a devil to it’s knees.
Parapluie above my head (oh my) a heart of paupiette yea oh yea. All these doors checked ; locked kitchen quiet and dark / dishes washed: pets fed and plants watered.

Oh romanichel heart. For the world.

Swollen lips – un bisou! She (the one who loves me and does not have a physical body) gave: sa suce!

:: 11.11.2021 ::