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love me

when i’m dead

hate me

like life

when shit rains

dig me

six feet deep

and kiss me

when the moon

touches you

sweat when i


‘i love you

from the grave’

hate me when

i lived

but never say

when i’m dead:

‘you were the

only one

i loved’

:: 02-06-2015 ::


I ATE my years of life and wept in graves and brought bones back to life.

How you sing and consider me a young apprentice.
Hook and finger — how we came here seeking knowledge: what they cannot teach
in college //so turning brass hearts into gold.    

wE caught between tongue and folly.

Attached within heart and sharing fingers.
I hearled singing how i seek destiny you sold
how your eyes are shiny and ancient old.

yOUR SErvants are y0ur Master:

In intuition i will extend my hands as my whole
heart explodes with praise.  

My heart is a tower of seeing past transgressions
and i am not afraid even if an army rises to attack
— to live is to sing and never wonder/
my life so close to him \  that takes pleasure
in my every prayer for that gold band around
our fingers.  

:: 11.18.2021 ::


Dew-EAR (yes dear) my love so sweetly awaits
the first burst of light and too, my heart
it comes today; a morning greeting
i should be there with the bee
spreading harmony-honey
across the empty horizon.

Oh!  Again that cry!
Some forgotten monsters
making love inside a dying
soul’s mind.

They let out that shrieking
last cry while consummating

:: 01-24-2015 ::
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