Daily Archives: November 21, 2021


OH mother___ father forget me altogether.
Sister help us. Brothers forgot me.
Affection | degrees of decaying dying heart.
How i read your words and heard your minds
inside my fluid canvas mind. I appreciate
I was different and so unlike you. So unlike
you. Unlike you. I BURST SUN SPOT INSIDE
MY CRIB describes me. ALIEN unto affection.
Passing it back and forth. Like a sweet wet
kiss. BABY, how we die and live poison apple.
Jesus and fluids. I enjoy chocolate and
popcorn watching the world changing before my
genetic eyes. How silly we are and were
: forgetting our history! Almost a billion
years of living and loving and hating and dying
and a legacy you never knew.

All Affection.
Time to wake up.
To our Nature.

:: 11.20.2021 ::


Towers of tears believe me 00 I SAY i hurt you
feel my tender tears feel my love!
How when i ate the carpet (smelling seamen)
hiding the blood would you believe me? you
were the Queen of my Heart
(how she shoved love boat)
ooooooh. How you looked and how I was
How we were perfect together
then something snapped.
Ooooooh. Hallow earth.
Driving home they hit us. tee-boned the SUV so now
we’re dead. Buried together.
Families sad. So love like no other : scentless
smell like death — so go away!
How we were cute together. Now dead. Like many
others who felt we had a future life together.
The organ mushroom grinds. Perfume. How we love
fits: tiny words to match madness!

:: 11.202.2021 ::


MY DREAMS are secret destroyers
while i sleep in bed and my desire
is a piece to gain (oh, yea. love)
eACH one (desire) thought alone
Sing, they are right to sing
but they sing destroying cities.

That lonely way you kill yourself.

(i’ve been weeping alone for one
more show) Shall we endure you a bit Longer?
(What you got?) Shall never shake.
Cloacal evidence so cold!
Spent. Within each other’s eyes.

EXHAUSTED only to dream
of dying and cruel words.

IN SPITE of all the rains of deranged
thoughts and words torrents of stone
labors of foam___ rancor of loose Jesus
eyes: without hope.

In spite of my anger I’m still just
a lonely soul : in spite! With a safety
pin stuck inside our side we shall shout
and take our minds where we want it to be.

:: 11.20.2021 ::