Daily Archives: January 20, 2022

Everybody Get Together

WITHOUT WORDS    i flew high  and kissed a priest in his heart
grabbed a nun in her place of holy love i won’t complain
today is fine for a bird  | see you see love is all myself

TODAY i blackmailed death yeah to love all i am
and how trim is a memory muted-space all inside jelly
jar of smiles so use this time to write off line that don’t
make sense because i love myself more special than i love you
 is how time eats space (yeah)
 i know it’s wrong but today was
the finest day was when i had no food or money to live
 so mother died and father too and famous ones i never knew
black is white and hate a rainbow of forever pain and i won’t complain
cause i have words so shy so dry like wines had soul.  Unaborted baby
said to another unaborted fetus so nice to meet you and in Rome,
in the Sistine, ancient nose are drying in a scarlet reliquary
of modern symbolism.

Pupils of eyes in pews by a wooden cross with Christ
i ate the dirt but never worship the crazy thoughts
of thinking meat called humanity.

:: 01.19.2022 ::