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a passion of darkly cast hooks
screaming my name hey look
black sweet blood
mouthfuls having fits
hauls me through the air

:: 02.26.2022 ::


TODAY in my head substanceless vacuum;
a mile away from God.
a foot away from insanity.

How i’ve heard excited breath
atop a spinning heart!
a breathless word.

lost pisces jesus’ soul
drawn into the tar pit trap
of a world’s incurable cancer.


Thirsty like the reed and the gourd.
Bursting like a wild lion.
The jaw breaks open under the weight.
And before it dies it jumps into the
air for the world.

All the pieces that feed on sweat, blood and tears.
The last day will come with a death never spoken
and shall not make the others unhappy.

There are too many victims of self-deception.
Every man or woman makes their choice.
Every moment.
Those who are hungry.
Those who are lonely.
Those who are poor.
Those who are rich.
Those who are dead.
Those who are living.

The desert always hollers under an impassive sky.
No one hears it no one.
The desert always cries under the sky.
All of us stand alone.

When the sun goes down the moon gains the sun
and closes the circle and whatever will remain
will stands for the desert and the sun.

Accidentally invented: the beauty of Love.
Death is truth.

Go in peace Everyone.

Where anywhere is the Desert always hollers
under an impassive sky abstaining from all forms of greed.

It cries to the lonely, the dead, the dead, the rich.

:: 02.26.2022 ::


earth EATs me as wind howls
‘come over here’
we can have a fit doing it HERE :

beat meat outta here
beat meat outta me
beat meat outta here
so beat me friend

–let’s do something
new/love you so much
it makes me sick\/
beat meat

outta here
aaaaaaah ooooooh
yeah ~~~~ aaaaah

rosy has a twix
between her two perfect

:: 02.22.2022 ::


SOFT slipper, coffee, cat *fed*
reading sad news i laughed
how the world blew its head
And anchors held their breath
must ask Musk about Mars
they’re sending pointy spears
into that atmosphere soon
Noticed how the sun changed
once we ran under its light
now burn scorned at its white
yellow used to be a thing
dresses, glasses, cars
and flying machines
/then cern came\ …rewind
things happen before their done
walked from work to home before
6 am and fell into a dream that
couldn’t be seen : i can never
count from infinity to one
but could really turn it on
/phillip are you awake: sir,
the universe needs to know\
[in the basement waiting
for the white van to come]

:: 02.22.2022 ::


THE swallows flew into a flock
and roosted in reed-beds
while the skygod turned off
all light
and the world became me.
tomorrow became now
clearly i can see
another around Cypress Hills.

it creeps until its moment


lost years because love rebelled against US
sometimes we buzz with spirit
then there came to my heart
a call to love (so rich) / and i
raked and plowed in and out
of that cherished God
and she learned to love me
dreamed of me — lover of him i
thrust and pushed / she lowered her head
because i asked. and have you ever
seen how my face takes on a new light / when i
feel / want — how when i don’t?


i was in your arms all night.
i love you now
i guess i can live, won’t i?
i have so much. / Wish we were back in heaven —
dancing in everlasting bliss


i KNOW you will never forgive me / don’t want to go
and lose a part of us — that one love!
The greatest heart of God is in love with us
always … love, love … forever /
/ Love is / that, which could never be extinguished
(it lives !!!…) / it grows with tenderness into the future.
“YES” / so softly close to my ear /
“yes …” a brief heavy cry
she’s such a fool / i hurt her so
that she tried to forget / it’s not our fault /
i was a fool.

\ you let me out the next morning /
but you didn’t want to let me
out / to talk / say good-bye / just to say goodbye?
so go away.


it’s better to love
to love
i don’t love her /
She loves me /
\ better to love
in any way, you know /
than not at all.

i love you /




and of all love
i KNOW you will never forgive me / don’t want to go
and lose a part of us — the one i love!
The greatest heart of God is in love with us
always … love, love … forever /
/ Love is / that, which could never be extinguished
(it lives !!!…) / it grows with tenderness into the future.
“YES” / so softly close to my ear /

so we invent laughter.

:: 02.22.2022 ::


BEING me is solitary
having born inside
cold reality.

How we move
hearts and eyes
— matter too,

that revelation:
in solidarity.

:: 02.20.2022 ::


THE WORLD was meant devouring mouths
dead burnt fields of March
Or if it were, as bearing beauty’s name;
now awaken is leviathan of deep ocean
many dead sailor’s hearts torn wide open
Being born in His Image we are WAR
and frightful power/Jesus was an only
Son with a distant Mother: her eyes
as jewels from some rat in a cage
and her Husband not of Earth
: beauty lacking a tower
Oh Son full of desire to understand
even those tears fall burning dirt
Each yearning suited for slandering
creation with a false esteem
so the world forgot.

:: 02.20.2022 ::


O mothers give up forever
to hold horses in corrals.
When we stood the sun lowered
into a neighboring hamlet

Can’t fight the tears
or the truth or lies

When standing towers stand higher
i, too, exist no longer; my heart beating
my general mouth forcing lips apart.

And i want you to know who i am —
as god from a lofty shoulder sees where
we are going.

Where there’s nothing to believe
and life as fantasy is nothing more
than mysteries — your name.

While we are thinking about tomorrow.

:: 02.20.2022 ::


So, feeling awake then a falcon of

        As feathers grasping mid-air
 believe me believe don’t believe
how you forget secretive lips bleeding
:  as even animals betray what they
can be — Gabriel screams:  god made you
heavy and we carried

   HOW LONG this human contrived
a dissembled love of chilled heart
true, thus feelings here on earth
apprehending for, oh, what mystified
feelings — I FEEL cool walking upon
a cloud — apprehending beautiful
face OH misty New Orleans cobbled
streets in 1899/
that joy mutually comprehended
and raised our love within
the incomprehensible 2020’s.

   how i had to tell you how i feel
as time flees / told you once \
provisional feelings encompassed
 the surmised beyond.

:: 02.20.2022 ::