No child with scruples
says enough is enough
just as a litel year is no year
my father once said “eat by ear”
but eating by ear is very different
from reading and dying.

First of all, I am not the god
of food and wine but some poor mortal
not at home here with my gender and race.

i, am myself, but have no god.
— this doesn’t seem wrong to you, does it?

Not only wrong, but ignorant.
And how can you think that I am wrong in
pretending to know what I know?
—of course!

But inside your head you think you have
matched up to your heart ~! Then when
you’re dead — then again, we are
of one mind.

Dear heart, I only wish I had not made
you think so but were I to hide your eye,
and not allow you to get a glimpse
of what happens when to be free
you think of yourself as one who fears
—that makes it easier.

I have only one eye left and am ready to die
bravely accepting the silence which says

“i’m blind, blind, blind!”

God, have all these hands, all these faces,
all these mouths, noses, eyes, eyes, eyes?
How many of these goeth on
before a dream collapses?

Why is it so hard to believe that the god is silent

[Oh the Omnipresent One!
I’m not about to give up
all the unsolicited advice
I’ve been receiving!]

Inside these dancing, wonderous bleeding eyes!

A one-night Stand with Life!

:: 04.07.2022 ::

[‘Goeth: archaic third person singular present of go’]

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