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Slick side went bottom up inside
& Lenny spoke a word –> got shot for
speaking of the scene where we
lost the love and all the dough
inside a place called Gonzales, Texas.

Weiner beaner drove the car
seemed all the way to Saigon
until we meet the fuzz —
that’s 7.62 for all of you
not of the clan who kill ‘us
like hungry gorillas.

Saw the judge who makes faces
dramatic fellow who smokes
court recorder confessed
what a colossal mess of self-
delusion/soul transfusion\

Police officer on that scene
says, “Bewildered but so beautiful.”
Boy on a bicycle saw it all —

“Judge, i swear they were clowns
going to a party.”

And the one who holds a sickle
wearing all black without a face
smiled. He hid his .44 for mercy.

What more to say?

:: 05.29.2022 ::


ANTS bite sun burns love tickles
memories melt /hell smells\ an hallucination
Nation is a body — like my secret friend

someone like darkness says i look like
a rattle twisted snake but kisses instead
of bites :: a dot com a mystery media
commercial sound byte ~~~ a crack inside
the skies with baby cooing soothing tears
and tasting the dark cloud rains oh let it rain
: i will master all this blasphemy while the angels
change their clothes to get dirty inside the
human angle of life — especially on weekends
like Friday.

Spielberg gave me 73 cents in my last dream
and another i forgot to set global language
on SharePoint / ? this is a story a true story
based upon a ephedra lie ~~ now all history!

:: 05.29.2022 ::


Spit.  When you die.  Last chest bump swizzle stick! Ghosts pull your feet out of bed —
vanish you like a magic trick / death takes you like a swizzle stick by the neck so low tech
by the heart how life vanishes you by words i stare through you like a high-ball or
cold bloody mary through the eye swizzle stick (little prick) the face in the mirror is all light
a trick bleeding (this story) how i infiltrated pride and ventilation with cyanide through mind
and brain /no antidote\ swizzle stick/ kiss your neck goes to the heart — stiff nipples ripple shirt
camel cool-aid toe wet through the eye aside makes doom tasty baby true | a true source of Light
what fools the heart might be true please…distort.

A telepresence of greed and affection.  This is the channel that makes metal scream.
Let it scream.

:: 05.29.2022 ::


SHE keeps moving all quietly
building her love all inside
her cabinet of spirits
she loves her appetite
eating dreams and all
her dreaming conversations
Hearing how time ticks how mouths
tock speaking loudly
She grew up old and now youthfully
dies waiting for Life.
Thinking how other lovers move on
she knows she’ll never be free
and that tortures her heart.
Knowing how her mind thinks she sighs
as sure as night is dark
and how day is bright
she finds her love
all inside her Soul tonight

:: 05.29.2022 ::


Dipping in my pool i found myself in an ocean my feet wet my mind fine sang a song, oh whoo woo!

While floating with stomach sunside saw a seagull, it landed on my belly button said, “who are you?”

I said, “a human island in the emerald waters.”

We laughed then shared stories of wings and human legs; we collapsed crying tears both salty like the ocean.

Two scholars of water dreaming.

i was dreaming i was swimming offshore cape cod and thought where am i? these waters are swimming.

Happy feet, spirits, and fins spongebob and patrick too how mister krabs only loves money at bikini bottom.

But my heart is red and my face is smiling 🙂

:: 05.29.2022 ::


THIS THING called Tourette’s
where I sometimes stop breathing.

Good morning, my children. This day shall soon be
filled with wet wind, droplets of rain,
birds beginning their morning call,
snatches of birdsong from nearby trees.
Rain, our god, provides for the earth
With its rhythms. And yet this
drenched car park, unshod and
mucousy, here I stand. We are
all here on a rock. We will always
be here on a rock, as we continue
to flow, endlessly, into the ocean.

Together, my children, let us remember
the former days. The days when our words
were ragged and unsavory, language was crude
and violent, full of striking image and rhyme.

O, yes. Today we shall honour our words, as
we pick through the words. They have so hurt us,
and we leave them sodden in the rain.

It seems the air i breathe and touch, when walking
alone in the city has given me a disease
like Tourette’s.

I’m beginning to turn red or green, or blue,
sometimes not even my face has become a fault.

Lately, my head seems to be filled with ocean tides,
titian squid, clams, mussels, sand, ice;
specks of some faultless fish.

And here we stand, wet and lost, looking into the garden.

O, only the garden.
O, only the garden

The stars were dying in the night
when I woke to find my brother dead,
from being driven by a steamroller,
into the ocean.

I miss him.

They were here, on the island, back when the skies
were blue and the seas breathed their contented

(Oh this hillside, what color is it with my words?
O, only blue.)

:: 12.10.2020 ::


And now, my dear husband, let me utter one word of warning.

Don’t let this ring for too long after I am gone, or the wild geese will think that you have left me, and come to look for me.
Let them think that, so long as they hear my voice, i am not over the mountains.

It is an old superstition, but let me have my way.
So long as I am calling you are not out of my thoughts.

I am still here.
I am waiting to be with you and to enjoy all that is yours.

All I ask is a little time, a brief hour or two, before I go.

Time is all that I need. Let me have that and all shall be as it was before.
For it is only you and i, who are dead.

what should i ever do? i love myself better than you.

:: 01.25.2021 ::


A midevil budweb nested-in/between the dizzy lights and trees the gold-crystal chandelier ‘whistling’s-theed gongs and passing-through eyes of a glance Sidle of illg*d man-on-board happened moments to scowling preacher before school-time sank us and days to his back-against-the-wall-of-dust-of-sunlight time could so easily feel lost- lost: own-loss-and a loss of himself.

Today all but home is back-gone-over with long face/teeth breezy thin island wayfarer telling/telling-trees/oak/willow speak with their tiny whimpery voices the white-robed God reached to angel sister, lady-in-blue (also dressed like a nun/a priest), our neighbour (practically twins/brother/daughter),
that woman with the hilarious coat/winged tights (actually her leg), to the Rabbi who knows your name/the Church down-road. (the fat lady with the very shapeless dress) looking at her the big guy (that very tall guy/very tall woman) seated in the car who know when-if you smile they-yes, she knows he’s already at the top of her special “likes” list/well-designed “decoration” of humans.

His help in the wedding-party would come from afar (he sat by the front of the screen) twenty he looks-back/thinks it-it, now! (one of many that had not helped: oh, oh, oh.) soon it would be bedtime in a green patch. (the one of we ordinary people) music from another world will creep upon the wailing bells (our one) and echoing hollow-type churches. (do not even blink) the hollow sound of a loud bell:
“well-known man” is there now in the middle of the church yard looking through all that pall of fog-jungle trying to see who it is that’s shouting ‘no’ with his big “no!” which bursts our cherished bubble of the real world!

(a wood-working shop-front A very-old man with a secret living-without covering in another world stands up to embrace the old woman. A poor sap in a wheel-chair!) (A poor sap, also in a wheel-chair!)
And, instead of joining in the youth-lifting-arms dance in the village, his “greetings” the happy bride/groom-applause! As if-no, as if-all those great Joke-comedians had never lived.
praise-joy- thanks-God all around:

“With every step my little frozen, smiling faces while a churchyard’s air is suddenly
bloomed into a violet twilight and the black-robed patriarch poured water on the…
dazzling bell-flutes.

A sudden chill in the air and a tree/fairy appears. The skull and bones, almost beautiful, but a skull and bones. The nose-less lip-less and parted, the eye-less eyeless eye-less. You see the faceless piece of head: the pointed cranium is not a skull: it is.

:: 05.23.2022 ::


SHORT premonitions of lasting lights that come as a soul rejoices when it is touched by true love.
Arms that bind you while flesh is silent upon your last breath. Darts come out of the heart to fall as arrows that break the strings.

How it smells and the sharp pulsing of the heart that drives thoughts in the head. When their mission is to beat the state of being before it does them in.

These are my favorite songs just sitting in a cold winded room touching my lips with your favorite
Chinese mango and lingering in imaginary worlds, while i stand in this room listening to the secrets saying thank you.

All i need now is to listen myself to the next song.

She did this for decades. Eyes closed. Feeling the breath pulsing in the chest next to her heart mind locked in a spiral of touchless love.

My Mind moved away from the body. Body laying still. Body like a tree, not moved and surrounded by calm. and return on this mission to wake with a smile.

She had seen her days seen all the clouds of her road and knew that this is the end. Soon the golden road will be bricked up for her.

Will she ever dream. She, lying still entwined with her love. She felt her body starting to remember the flesh and the life of love. The days on the starry
rooftops but it is over, she thought.

She rose and got up.


:: 05.18.2022 ::


before sun   i sleep
entwined by lost thoughts
of this passing day.
by  moon   i sleep
in dreams of things
whose lives are real
how love and life stays
during bliss by the river
a blanket and soul.

i recall it all tomorrow.

:: 05.1.2022 ::