Daily Archives: April 9, 2022


Falling love, beyond every line, Resting on the wave
of Life, the breath of your deceitful partner.

Sense the hand of your partner and Capture it, and hold on.

Commemorated within the darkness
as Holidays are bedevilling,

Peer aghast, in time to remember!

Turned away by the force of love.

Be forever contained in silence

Cry for help

then Hold on.

Sings all broken hearts!

:: 04.09.2022 ::


DRAGON’S nightly border whose position in every layer of desire
AS man grasps only if he cannot cling to wings — die not after all –
while men weep.

I glance at a profusion of books, all but decayed, all quickly readied for callers.
-Oh what dying Lung AS fuck — \\it’s too late to die & you want him to die only
-but never as long as he can! her man turned himself into the toast of society.
Oh her man died as they say.she now lives with that man who may never die –
who when she left him said she could not go but not die with him.
call him a devil.

-I just now sent her my half-chocolate heart of lovEburst to be sure she received
it well.

nary a living man she’d even known – he had enough// clipped wings
to fly & ampersand a face to let his feelings show.

-What shall I do?

my Lord with that look in your eyes from your androgynous mouth \i took the sun
inside my pen and wrote cum in bright white and pink letters.
and gripped your hips and took myself inside your pink flower.

It’s not what he seemed to feel, not the least bit dismayed in his very busy life
to see all these very old people coming and going; neither did he wish to frighten them away.

How humans age. Even the youth. All their flesh decayed. Love burst.

:: 04.09.2022 ::


A year an ear what air!  Into the stoop of a risen sun — i, if i one day learn.  i have always been soft, round, and mellow, and till then; a seemingly comfortable world of softest infancy …under fire i into the warm! heated! reflective!my bitch is five weeks late!  How delightfully airy! & radiant! clear! starry! silent!massless! & unreadable & pallid! uncreated! eternal. young! wondrous! world of ever-new
beginnings…& i…To those i gently return, in love i over him: the thyrsus & tuberoses& pomegranates & ashpauls. Garden’s path. Ever the soil is of the grain & meadow’s adornment. Yeah(that) i aethiram i uthereth. i was dark i was to be. and was”

(from the book of Chrystalish — There’s a Riot of Burning Heart. Chicago: Randur House, 2320.)

“Well, it’s true, though you don’t see them celebrated much, these holy fools.”

:: 04.09.2318 ::


How our faces are friends kissing mirrors
Our steps preceding us –> follows
rooms filled with unfinished visions
like fathom objects of perverted flesh

My head immured my eyes, burned bruises
without history or decency in life
broken teeth fill our mouths.

Like Jesus’ loaves of eternal bread.
:: 04.09.2022 ::



We drove ourselves to hurt
so sit down in sinister wheelchair
outside greasy road like Mannequin
has to wave our way from genetically
my lover drives blue scarab across desert
land and leaves surreal disturbed dirt

Perhaps someone creative has ice tea
can i sip to quell parched heart you see–
all Inevitable. Please, can I have drink
for rollercoaster aching heart?

And those hot air balloons are too low toward
the ground & watching Golem reaching upward
to knock them like geeks out of the Royal Azure skies — and
they call me a freak//i believe the G.O.D. forgot his umbrella
before he fell from our skies\\ and so who is the freak?