Daily Archives: May 21, 2023



Whence does the self emerge, as I unbind from the glacial bloom?
What adoration lingers within that feminine reverie’s realm?
In love’s force, betwixt ecstasy’s embrace,
Where his palm parts the captured gull,
Unconscious eyes disclose intricate tales,
Veiling existence’s essence, that which conceals.


I hold affinity for all that resides,
Shadowy whispers of quotidian nourishment,
A vessel’s wake, fading into oblivion’s grasp.

‘Tis the tremor of the abyss, embracing abundance,
A woman donning stockings of ethereal velvet.

Arrange, we must, the waves, diverse and arrayed,
The melancholy, thou embodiment,
Or one who, world idolized, ventures forth,
Knees adorned with wings, poised mid passion’s flight,
Within love’s central day,
I shall never deceive, but embrace entirety’s plight.
Freedom, mine, in its cruelest form,
Behold the insular artistry,
Where danger finds solace, its taste revered.

Love, the transgressor of societal norms,
Customs yet to be acquired, in anticipation we wait,
Love, exalted, with all its rightful claims,
And the ever-transforming world,
Glimpsed through kaleidoscopic gazes, each day anew.

:: 05.21.2023 ::


As the sun, voracious and insatiable, swallowed my existence whole,
I embarked on a solitary journey, akin to a shapeless cloud, untethered and untold,
Drifting aimlessly, transcending the earthly realm, high above vales and hills,
Enveloped in a realm of ethereal stillness, where time itself stands still.

But in a moment of celestial revelation, the sun’s fiery gaze unveiled a surreal sight,
A gathering, an assemblage, a congregation of daffodils aglow in golden light,
Their radiant presence forming a host, a legion of nature’s finest art,
Bathing the landscape in hues of yellow, a masterpiece played out from the heart.

Beside the tranquil lake, beneath the majestic trees’ verdant embrace,
Those golden daffodils came alive, imbued with grace,
Fluttering delicately, as if whispering secrets to the zephyr’s gentle caress,
Dancing in harmonious unity, a mesmerizing spectacle I couldn’t suppress.

In the embrace of the sun’s all-consuming power, their beauty shone bright,
Each petal, a brushstroke, painting a portrait of pure delight,
Their collective presence, a testament to the wonders of Earth’s fertile ground,
A reminder that even in the vastness of existence, such miracles can be found.

And so, in the midst of my celestial consumption, a profound truth was revealed,
That nature’s symphony transcends all barriers, all illusions skillfully concealed,
For even as the sun devoured my being, a transcendent connection took hold,
Binding me to the daffodils’ dance, a memory I would forever behold.

Thus, as the sun continued its celestial feast, devouring me bit by bit,
I remained enraptured by the daffodils’ presence, their eternal spirit lit,
For in their graceful dance and vibrant hue, a profound lesson unfurled,
That even in the face of oblivion, beauty and life can forever thrive in this vast world.

:: 05.21.2023 ::