Daily Archives: May 26, 2023


In shadows’ grasp, poetry fades,
As tyranny’s hand its touch pervades.
Words silenced, whispers repressed,
Art’s beauty robbed, hearts distressed.

Authoritarian terror tightens its grip,
Constraining thoughts, freedoms slip.
Verses wilt, ink runs dry,
Imagination caged, creativity denied.

But even amidst the darkest of days,
Resistance thrives, in subtle ways.
Poetry’s spirit, resilient and bold,
Defies oppression, its power untold.

For art, in its essence, can never be tamed,
Its whispers of truth, forever unchained.
In defiance of terror, it will rise anew,
Inspiring hearts, reminding what’s true.

So let us stand firm, united in rhyme,
Against oppression, one stanza at a time.
For poetry’s soul, a beacon of light,
Shall prevail over darkness, shining bright.

:: 05.26.2023 ::