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I Should Love Then I Shall Die

A heart once filled with love and hope,
Now lays shattered, broken and alone,
The pain and sadness, it cannot cope,
For all that’s left is a heart of stone.

Lost love, the death of a loving heart,
The tears fall like raindrops in the dark,
The memories of what once was,
Now only echoes of a love lost.

Once a light shone bright and true,
In this heart that beat for you,
But now it’s gone, forevermore,
Leaving behind an empty core.

Lost love, the death of a loving heart,
The tears fall like raindrops in the dark,
The memories of what once was,
Now only echoes of a love lost.

The pain, it cuts so deep inside,
A wound that time cannot hide,
The love that once filled this heart,
Now torn apart, forever to depart.

Lost love, the death of a loving heart,
The tears fall like raindrops in the dark,
The memories of what once was,
Now only echoes of a love lost.

As this heart beats its final breath,
It knows that love can bring both life and death,
And though it may never love again,
It will always remember what it once had been.

:: 05.03.2023 ::

Eliza Shivered

Amidst the silver gleam of lunar grace, by the nightingale’s melodious sigh,
A tale of twilight’s embrace, in the realm of dreams, does lie.

Upon an olden, timeworn estate, Whose walls whispered secrets deep,
A figure wandered, cloaked in fate, as twilight’s lullabies did seep.

A heart, once vibrant, now subdued, by the memory of love’s sweet touch,
Could bear no more the weight, accrued, a lament, that echoed much.

Her phantom form, a gentle light, an apparition in the dusk,
eyes that shimmered, stars in flight, a memory, now turned to husk.

The melody, by Mozart played, weaved through halls, a soothing balm,
as the figure roamed, in darkness swayed, and longed for words, a healing calm.

“Eliza,” he whispered, in tender grief, as the shadows waltzed, in harmony,
“Is this my fate, a life so brief, Yet bound by your memory?”

A rustle stirred, a gentle coo, resonating through the haze,
He shivered, as the music grew, and gazed upon the moonlit rays.

There, nestled, with a tender air, a nightingale, dark and sleek,
Sang a tune, a melody rare, “Infinity,” it seemed to speak.

A spell was cast, a love-sick heart, held by the nightingale’s serenade,
Forever entwined, a work of art, in the embrace of twilight’s shade.

Thus lingers still, that tender verse, of love and loss, entwined,
where twilight’s songs, like moonbeams, disperse, in the depths of the dreaming mind.

:: 05.03.2023 ::

Poet’s Notes:

The poem tells a haunting tale of love, loss, and longing set against the backdrop of an old, mysterious estate. It is imbued with a sense of melancholy, invoking the image of a protagonist who wanders through the mansion, mourning a lost love.

The opening lines establish the ethereal setting of the poem, with the silver gleam of lunar grace and the nightingale’s melodious sigh setting the stage for a tale that unfolds within the realm of dreams. The imagery in the poem is rich and evocative, painting a vivid picture of the old estate and the figure wandering its halls.

The protagonist is described as once having a vibrant heart, now subdued by the memory of a love long gone. The pain of this loss is so great that it has become a lament echoing throughout the mansion. This lost love is embodied by the phantom form of a woman, her eyes shimmering like stars, her memory haunting the protagonist like a fading apparition.

The poem incorporates the romantic music of Mozart as a soothing balm that weaves through the halls of the estate, a counterpoint to the darkness that surrounds the protagonist. This music brings a sense of yearning for a healing calm, but the protagonist is still bound by the memory of his love, Eliza.

As the poem unfolds, a nightingale appears, symbolizing the tender, bittersweet nature of love and loss. The nightingale sings a rare melody, “Infinity,” reflecting the eternal nature of the protagonist’s feelings. This encounter casts a spell over the protagonist’s heart, which is held captive by the nightingale’s serenade.

In the end, the poem concludes with the notion that the tender verse of love and loss, like the twilight’s songs and moonbeams, lingers in the depths of the dreaming mind. The poem captures the essence of the human experience, exploring themes of love, longing, and the power of memory, all against the backdrop of a hauntingly beautiful, dreamlike setting.

Within The Concert Hall Alone

[As I looked into the mirror, my reflection smiled back at me with eyes that were not my own.]

As I entered the abandoned concert hall, the scent of decay and neglect hung heavy in the air, sending shivers down my spine. The only source of light came from a flickering candle on a creaky wooden stand, illuminating the outline of a cello in the corner. I hesitated for a moment before picking up the bow and drawing it across the strings, unleashing a haunting melody that filled the room. Suddenly, I saw my reflection in the dusty mirror, my eyes now empty sockets and my flesh decaying, as I realized the cello had been playing me all along, summoning the spirits of the dead to claim me as their own.

:: 05.03.2023 ::


I got no right to feel just fine for every sad scream is a human in such pain

But still the sun shines crawling around my skin

I forget because I ate the silver light of the moon

So empty and wasted still I keep a smile deep inside a never-healing wound

So I taped the beginning to the end of my aloneness the ceiling light bulb tried but never could become summer
so we should have known oh, we knew

we should love time and all devices too, that carry our life

I saw and see and have seen past, future, and now the miracle of science a fashion like plastic
a dark and smart secret unknown merry-go-round, a carnival of geeks, freaks, and fat ladies the carny barking words to lure you

But still the sun shines crawling around my skin

I forgot because my girlfriend ate the embryo, I placed inside her

I saw and see and have seen past future and now the miracle of science a fashion police killing us.

:: 05.02.2023 ::