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Got a feeling and it hangs upon    the words of thoughts: under
the sheets of my heart
So I say I should turn aside and give you the Nation of my
own heart: when angels weep

I should give up my bag of     living tricks that keeps me
alone. Give her your heart; give me my own soul
And should clouds wrestle me to the ground then fog should
say it’s unfair ~
We are more than enough to fight for the best fight
for life and love and who would defend all?
We all have hearts and some alive and then
the others so bruised
they never beat at all

:: 06-27-2015 ::


Your smile, vanilla
ice dream square!
Coat in a thin layer
of hot chocolate!
–>Klondike bar!

And infinity knows me
nothing I’d not do
for a Klondike bar
Don’t wanna live
dying wanna die living
White-house cheery
Cappuccino bar
Rocky road life
Double chocolate chip
What I’d do for a
Polar B’ar!

:: 06-20-2015 ::
10:20 PM CST