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i wish my will for today
and tomorrow
i wish to never forget our love
i wish to forget that yesterday
(and then before)
i wished to death the love of us

and eternity is without time
and love is more
that love is ours
a love alive outside of time

i wish my fears my love i feared
i wished today my love ~
them all away!
and the sun blew a kiss I ate it
all inside for me
that love reside inside of us
my love!

:: 09-08-2017 ::



my preacherOUS/MOUTH this
I AM too tired today
but maybe not that weak
i am sick today but
never that sick as fate
per my soul as someone
who always loves you
AND HE who built the Ark
said, “maybe there is no
room for you” GET back
upon the boat Phillip!
We love loved you! But the
fish convinced me:
Our heavy heart is love
regardless of doctrine
and reaches higher than
any human mind!
we never have to pray toward
blue crabs
nor politicans
And my sentiment is paved heavy
which endless life appears
so terminally present; life
is less than a zero and all
of humanity’s words are a dream
we think means what we see
awakened unto this life
a sweet nut within the mouth
of the deepest dreamer which
i clearly love Y O U!

:: 09192015 ;;


WHEN the message
fails away
ought the ink
or paper fade away?
No, I say.
Words have lives
and souls eternally
climbing mountains!
Syntax termed:

:: 06-23-2015 ::