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THE embryo’s skinny fists reach the skies
and hides a face yet born
in this summer of burning children you
call a name and the world is asleep.
the fitful swings the stuffed animals
the tired friends called warm winds
have long thoughts of buried snakes
and within the many undreamed thoughts
of a lost world the embryo’s skinny fists
tear the skies apart — the revelation
of new nails grown for 2 months that never
had a drink of the blood you spilled //
some hang their hand and drown within fear
yet, and, with unborn eyes very open, to pretend
a gently passed hand over a baby’s head —
THIN new hair that does not die, long nails
within a soft chest — licking the bloodless
wounds of survival.
The sound of the surgeon’s scalpel.

:: 06.20.2020 ::


Oh Mary is a little lamb
she bled where she lay
and the dead cried “me!”
On a wondrous sea,
saline sailing,
silently Ho! Pilot,ho!
I never knew plastic
chocolate clouds
could ever taste
this — so good
riddance my lamb
She bleats me badly
a blue-yellow bruise
crushed my heart
and we sang,
“Oh, Mary is a little
bitch and bled where
she lay — they shout,
And the silent Southern
moss-grown streets
like a New Orleans
sweet drinking all of me

:: 11-30-2014 ::


IF all things are like emotions
like something worthy
so fattered by your
focus upon me ;
So big guys talk
like evernothing do
it must be very nice
to never do –>to
simply release an object
like my heart
please shut the must-be
i’ll watch it burn me
–share that i’m not
alone but just uninvited
you are an angel and your wings
get washed within the soap of
uncharted territory so hell
is an experience like mine before
solemnly myself reminds me of a mess,
asking, “love, the reason i drink dream
from the deepest sleep of life”
I do not think you are unworthy
but need a moment to think if
I’m ever worthy.

:: 11012015 ::


you’re just a thief
dressed in sexy skin
like when I find
miserable relief
you take it away
and replace it with
an eyeless doll heart!
so I write each word
like each character
stabbing you and i
can feel you hating me
and I feel just fine at
a Walmart line
with Advil in my
bruised hand after hitting
the walls

:: 07-25-2015 ::


THE last kiss felt like eternity
i caught myself and all the dreams
i think were real
and the heart tears
a hole in my soul
and i try to kill it
all away…
i saw the gods of love and hate
and tried to kill it all away…
what is life, a familiar pain?
what is love: a poem of death
its what i know
AND i almost had it all!  Until
i let me down
__i made me hurt
and i see a river of little hearts
full of broken thoughts
and i remain eternally
loving what i broke
and i am what i know
all that i could become
just a thought thinking
i could have had it all

:: 07-21-2015 ::


i would with older shoes walk wet streets and watch
mirrored water scattered-by what was my dreams
the taunting children of school screaming “you are
poor!” seeing holes within my pants/but my heart was
and ALWAYS new regardless of school’s seasons and some
-gentler kind HEARTED souls would befriend me }| in the
library always where I stayed at recess and after lunch
until the metal heart beating drill-drum thrumbed rapping
ringing bell rang:
“come! let us congregate
again and match brain-to-brain!”
i always won when they
picked upon my soul
always gentle to them
but the lesson was higher
than the chin upon where
they gripped the floor
life, that burning decision of purpose!

:: 07-09-2015 ::


my closet is the closest thing
to my heart.  i keep my soul
behind the door to my closet,
is all i ever knew and
safely tucked away behind
that door my heart;
near the shoes by the soul
below the pants and within
the corner of my weeping eyes
i hide my heart.
my closet is the closest thing
to my heart.

:: 02-16-2015 ::


i cannot pull myself
u  n  t  i  l
i have complete ly
f a
a   p     art

:: 10-28-2014 ::