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UNTITLED (draft)

fear and anger bisect SOCIETY with Love;
one woman one man can consume all of Life
One called dream lucious love — is the
name / i assure you on the other side of the
glass you are\ to feel and know the hollowness
inside you & to know it is right where it belongs
upon the bridge of ‘across the divide’
i look back at the sacred goal — bullet holes ::
fragments of memories! for love we left behind
the sense of stability in our own timelines.

:: 08.07.2020 ::


IF i shall never hear a note again
what of my vision — a forest calls
but no sound/ i, the failure, of
all that is nature and of words.
so must my mouth SCREAM
but my head hears not [even the
blacksmith striking his anvil]
so i am the deaf poet
that shall never hear my own words\
locked inside a cedar box for all

:: 07.24.2020 ::


A Night
as a falling note
upon the wishes
oh those dreams
of Life/
we go
…rushing river
passion bursting
the silver-Moon
you come
we go

:: 07.23.2020 ::


my preacherOUS/MOUTH this
I AM too tired today
but maybe not that weak
i am sick today but
never that sick as fate
per my soul as someone
who always loves you
AND HE who built the Ark
said, “maybe there is no
room for you” GET back
upon the boat Phillip!
We love loved you! But the
fish convinced me:
Our heavy heart is love
regardless of doctrine
and reaches higher than
any human mind!
we never have to pray toward
blue crabs
nor politicans
And my sentiment is paved heavy
which endless life appears
so terminally present; life
is less than a zero and all
of humanity’s words are a dream
we think means what we see
awakened unto this life
a sweet nut within the mouth
of the deepest dreamer which
i clearly love Y O U!

:: 09192015 ;;