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hello i love you. 
nice we met.

Hey!  How these humans hate us
unborn babies.  

I said when i was born how people
ate the poison apple and never
forgave life — fascist fuckers
kissing cherub cheeks.

I formulated an embryonic
fluid feeling for the babies
not unborn motherfuckers.

Say we kill those alive so we
can live and have a chance
in this crazy world we’re born in?

Let’s strip them of their life
and turn the tables around?

Let’s make living a choice
and those BORN ALREADY we can

abort! say!  

Even if you have
Even if you need
I don’t mean to stare
We don’t have to breed

i care.

:: 10.17.2021 ::

Tiny Hands of Unborn Babies

HURRAY for the unborn baby
such light inside the womb
Such delight for mother
a great gift to the world

If’s there anyway love helps
it’s love within itself

SORROW for the child
that never makes it through
laid to rest before they
know what to do — lost souls

I say war is not on soil
but within the minds of those
who take a tiny hand and throw
it away ~~ i see your soul
, it’s kinda frayed and i know
your pain upon this plane of life
but what’s this life for?

To spread love and tears of joy
To give life a purpose
To cherish the unborn.

:: 06.22.2022 ::


I smell your baby flesh inside
my embryo heart and took hookah
cord to strangled this dark romance.
My face fell downward to dirt
and kingdom ants ate my eyes:
built a tower of new tears;
a thin bridge toward your mind
She moves slowly towards me
like a doctor seeking new cancer
like candy pharmaceutical
feeding life / i’ve got a brain
oh yeah \ to surprise life
i crawled out of the vat of
dead babies to survive_____
She was sad, said, “take me to
my favorite place to eat to forget
this” her best friend cried.
I’d eat you if you were unborn.
Surprise! Hey, best yet: let
me kill your parents first.

Zero sum.

:: 02.18.2022 ::