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i should wish to be, gain
from conception through
little feet, baby breath too
a clean slate of possibilities
i should wish to be, again
the admiration of loved ones
if i should be — again
what i was before the now
i would take a different path
such a dream i give —
my solemn vow

:: 05-16-2014 ::


baby eye — so sad and quiet
you sit there in a bundle
and i can hear your breathing
and what heart beats there
a honey-soul to be loved
or one that conquerors

I sat beneath a tree
when i carried you there
and prayed to God
let this one be great
and move hearts —
a ladybug kissed me

I fell into a sleep
and watched your words
and that pen wrote
beautiful poetry too
tears of both sides
that coin always spinning

baby eye — so sad and quiet
your feet pink and tiny too
and those angel-lips pouty
what words will you write
another language angelic script
the first word — coo

so beautiful like the wind
so true like summer colors
a kiss from you is heaven
so i sit here beneath the tree
and kiss the heavens in bliss
its your true colors and words

:: 04-15-2014 ::


weird PEOPLE watching
defenseless dreaming
knowing my weakness
carefully retreating
I am just a piece
of angel meat wishing
to fall back into my
soft heaven birth trap
A perfect costly costume
high heels and gloss lips
but zombies love decay
and my heart is a dead
fish swimming when dead
I saw the salmon run
dead gill fish moving
Mother nature so cold
but your hug is warm
and tree and animal love
the strength you exude
Love me strong female
show us girls what to do
we bleed across horizons
and days and years too
ageless pain and suffer
for life and nature too

:: 04-13-2014 ::


I dream to life
a life of death
and wish I dreamed

of world in love…

and dream I do —

when I dream for you
and dream could be more than me
you are my dream

and a wish
that I wish to dream…

and minds and hearts
destroy and birth

gestation and genocide

go hand-in-hand

:: 03-29-2014 ::


(c) e.p.robles 2011

I gesticulate a birth poem
bottom third trimester
dilation my wish-so
and born soon for the world

such words pleasing to you
a mother is proud but sore
and weakness a strength

how i wish to born prose
before time consumes
but life begs patience

rhythm breath contraction
pushing primal need aside
a course for life words

cry pain release love
exhausting pleases me
rest kiss hand forehead

our child pure touch
eternal love beyond
poetry born in cradle

:: 02-12-2014 ::




strong pain
gentle love
anger gained
flesh burned
lust served
angel or devil
what be your name
something to hold
the chasm is deep
give me a bone
Sun kisses
skin and hair
and moon —
stabs man-flesh
fang and talon
bent knee upon
bone-flesh altar
you rule all
giver of life
take what you want

:: 02-06-2014 ::


IT has been the same since birth
first the traumatic life of entrance
into such tenderly love…
both of mother and loving mate
followed by horrific separation
such we humans suffer in fate

:: 02-03-2014 ::