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Beautiful Dream

A beautiful dream last night while i was walking overTHERE.
My name was unknown to me and my feet had a small inkling
of where they had traveled within my past.

It was blissful.

i walked into a white marbled room that contained a bench
made of unfulfilled wishes; the ceiling gently weeping
the softest tears of love toward me. My soul was drenched
in hope.

On the wall in front of me was a most beautiful painting
framed within amethyst and the colors were otherworldly
and breathtaking.

Upon waking i went to my easel and picked up my brush
but soon realized our world does not possess such colors
and even if so there is not a single soul that could
comprehend that angelic spectrum of a higher rainbow.

I wish to sleep.


:: 06-01-2018 ::


A STOLEN moment
from god tears my
soul asunder

Reveling folly between
the epic battles
we cherish

Love, pain,
death and birth
that colors humanity

The fire
and destruction
shape our destiny

Flesh and blood
the currency of
this world

An unseen audience
watches from the
hidden dimensions…

We are
the grand theater
for all angelic creatures!

They marvel at our
strength to struggle
in bodily form

The isolation is
unbearable and manifests
in disease

We, the true Kings
and Queens
teach the heavens…

We teach what is compassion
and true evil
in broad strokes

And save the God-head
from Eternal oblivion