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y IS a nothing, little KNOWN
childPAIN dead while LIFE
walks in [EXPLODING room]
walk! cry,
i had a spoon
babyMouth and SHOUT
‘why!…oh why! Meaty-hand
across the tender skin ofTears
sorry you forgot Jesus and
angels; Pontius saved me
and I ate tree bark days
so sorry while i sing
‘I am so me, alive
i am so child…’
the boss walks through
in my remembered blood
blood, song, words, pain
and i (h)ate the flesh
of my life!
y IS a nothing
little known child
dying each moment we
question, ‘is it so
is it so, so?  i’m
still alive so alive
and i burn so burn
burn burn burn burn
all the lost hopes
of love that never
tried as hard as me,
just aFreak needing
the love of Jesus

:: 01-09-2015 ::



There within that meadow
beneath that weepy willow
came to me, my love —
upon golden wings
and gossamer hair

what separation held
dissolved unto bliss
my heart gently held
within angelic mist

There within that meadow
beneath that weepy willow
saw a rebirth of my soul
and fear fled, sorrow too
and weepy willow cried

:: 04-03-2014 ::


love did you call my name
i was dying in the meadow
by that brook we used to walk
and i remember, too our words
said you — if you love me
you will never walk away
I said dear, there’s no shame
that love caught us two
and the brook sings the same

Her throat washes our souls
in a babble-song for time
and I saw a fawn dancing
the kiss of God bouncing
an orange ball upon the sky

And we dance and angels cry
the dance of life and tears
and the prancing fears

If we cry, angels know dear
and the oceans rise, I know
from the tears of lovers

Pain, Love and Life
all the same in this world
colors of a world in pain

I’m the priest of all salvation
underneath the tears of confession
keep the faith of all my passion

I’m still in love with you
still a place to love in you
but the sands fall empty time

Mortals can only love one
at a time in this world
but over-there not the same

Love is love and love is all
no human emotions but grace
and Light and Joy Reins

:: 03-31-2014 ::


I despise my skin
the body within —
clothes that dispose
a shadow of myself
What awake human
could love this state
the separation between
heaven and hell

:: 03-03-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

When I left
you tore to shreds
what remained
of our memories
and that touch
you gave to me
I cut into pieces
upon your grave

If I live to see
tomorrow morning
I won’t forget
to warn the devil

and heaven shudders
at my innate power
the angels begging
don’t forsake love

I won’t be able
to match the beauty
of the dead in my heart

if I live to see
tomorrow morning
I won’t forget
to give you
my warning

I will touch your hand
and thaw —
your dead heart
and heaven will sigh relief

there’s no beauty matched
what lives dies today —
and tomorrow lives
another burning day

:: 02-11-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

IN the washed moonlit night
beneath an ancient oak
there I lay my head
upon your soft shoulder
and I praise the moment
and the angels sing for us

Yes I yearn for you
I yearn for you
throughout my days
I yearn for you

You and I are lovers
and tonight we burn
each others flame
through our touch we learn
— two worlds spinning
into a brilliant orbit
such hearts never sinning

And I yearn for you
I yearn for you
my passion burns
I burn for you

Your parasol cannot shade
such an inferno like my heart
more than Dante’s journey
one that fuels such flames
The evening stars may fall
but each one onto my heart

Yes I yearn for you
and my heart burns
such souls yearning
will always have a flame

:: 01-31-2014 ::


HOW we fear the judgment
upon death so near
The fear of sin
weighed against
eternal life
But through death
arrested is sin
for the dead
cannot sin!

:: 01-29-2014 ::


WHEN he says “I love you”
do you feel an angel’s breath
upon your feathered heart?

And when you walk hand-in-hand
do your feet glide upon heaven’s land
like when you dance in golden light?

I cannot partake in a poisoned arrow
that which I broke off from my heart
time has passed since we said goodbye

I used to say my soul was salvation
we use to play and sing in elation
those were times I keep inside of me

If he loves you like I loved you
I could not think of you as I do
Upon my hands I would fall to Earth

And the angels sing
a pardon for the heart
I can only say
my soul was my salvation
and we used to play
and sing in elation

And the angels sing
a pardon for our hearts
and the Earth takes a spin
just for us
and we can dance again
eternally at heaven’s gate

:: 01-29-2014 ::


And if you heard
the angelic sound
— a musical lyric
in variation — eternal
What words to choose
a mumbling fool may say
— what tears to shed
mostly joyous — though
none I dare to share
Clearly unprepared
is the human mind
and heart to grasp
such grandeur
as God’s beauty
— love and let love
in Peace & Harmony



A STOLEN moment
from god tears my
soul asunder

Reveling folly between
the epic battles
we cherish

Love, pain,
death and birth
that colors humanity

The fire
and destruction
shape our destiny

Flesh and blood
the currency of
this world

An unseen audience
watches from the
hidden dimensions…

We are
the grand theater
for all angelic creatures!

They marvel at our
strength to struggle
in bodily form

The isolation is
unbearable and manifests
in disease

We, the true Kings
and Queens
teach the heavens…

We teach what is compassion
and true evil
in broad strokes

And save the God-head
from Eternal oblivion