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AND Autumn is now full
it is coloring life.

The skies spread streaks of finding love,
the cool air, embracing, waving hands.

A moment captured is no prisoner
when two hearts share the moment.

The long lookers seeking sights
as numberless souls of time wishing.

And the orchestral and the hearts, as knowing
dream as dreams believe in the dreamer.

And nature provides these invited two
their loving silence.

We two stand up and express gratitude
through a mass of kisses and hugs.

The world is nature and we are too.

:: 09-23-2017 ::


WHEN i close my eyes
like now:warm evening nights
and curtains dancing-like what
i wish for my heart
when i close my eyes
like now:feelings hot like passion
and i look at my soul so alone
i wish for my life
wish for autumn days when we play
in fallen leaves and sip coffee and
talk of a life-never apart IS when
i close my eyes, makes me want to
die within your arms The one i yet
to meet but breaths and is so beautiful!

:: 09-01-2015 ::


My love affair so ineffable
surely description falls
as gently as the leaves

Like rich hot chocolate
you cover in color
the ground – a blanket of leaves

Soothing – so active a sound
of trembling acorns
that plunk across the roof —

Life, like the taste of apple
that covers cinnamom sticks…

My farm — this life has tilled
the spirit of a certain few
so touched am I — even thrilled

But no thing comes close
to the apparel of mother nature
on any day — in her autumn regal


IT was upon the burst of autumn
    those explosions of colour
when your spirit and body
    seeped into my empty soul
Autumn, the second spring for me now
    my heart — a blooming flower
My soul before your grace embraced
    a bare branch against the wind
N’ver believing this river again would flow
    frozen before I met your lovely face
So delicious your autumn spring of spice
    each bare leaf a swollen flower
I tremble in your presence as you sway
    upon my rock this and every day
                     — // —