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So love! Sow love!
All the greatness
we see in expansive
hearts and blue skies
my sweet love!
That short potential
stir in eyes;
that storm of heart
is the eclat of hungry
souls ~~ when thinking
a right to be whole
may only smell roses
and all seasons of spirit
chashed by imperial officers
of a hidden universe:
so love! sow love!
That your hands are within
mine makes me whole!

:: 07-01-2015 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2011

And when did you forget
living is for those
that trust feelings

      and shed a tear or two
      the fields are dry
      and the crows cry

     scare be that heart
           a husk bleached bone
      one never owned

     it is the end of winter
     and I fear your Spring
     more than late in coming

:: 02-05-2014 ::


Piece_No_03-110210-MOD-Visual Perfume

(c) E.P. Robles 2013


DO you see the gentle push…
of fragrant Spring?
She stepped aside a time ago
politely granting wind and snow
crystal ice and dusting white

Oh how I love and miss you so!

Come to me elegant season
and I pray you do not forget
to wear your dress of flowers
and lipstick the tinge of sun…
the brilliant blue sky within your eyes

:: 01-25-2014 ::


My love affair so ineffable
surely description falls
as gently as the leaves

Like rich hot chocolate
you cover in color
the ground – a blanket of leaves

Soothing – so active a sound
of trembling acorns
that plunk across the roof —

Life, like the taste of apple
that covers cinnamom sticks…

My farm — this life has tilled
the spirit of a certain few
so touched am I — even thrilled

But no thing comes close
to the apparel of mother nature
on any day — in her autumn regal