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I have a bed made
from the love of you
Oh yeah, it’s true, each pillow
a curve like-the thing
I loved all about you —
and would you say, “Dear, God has a name.”
I took your words and cried all night.
I know God is good but
…my pain; cries as though God-Zero.
God has love and I have a question:
I remember all His glory like-when
I fell into love,
oh yeah, yeah…oh yea
all within you and life.
God is Good and He’s Great
and has a face and a name;
if you faced Him in all His glory,
all the world I’d say, (yeah)
is all of us just struggling
like a ladbug trying to make
a collarKiss upon a neck
and God is great…so Good.

:: 10-25-2014 ::


RELIGION, my savior, my building
my daily ritual!
tingle-foot ant climbing hills
doctrine smacking my tenderSoul
my childLike heart weeping
(tithing for the fools)
save my misguided soul
I shall know I’m saved
when the Preacher drives
a Mercedes in Gold

:: 10-09-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

my self-similar self
nestled within myself
so similar to someone
who resembles myself
such fecal fractal
maddening crap
prevents me so
I may never learn
where lay my soul

:: 02-06-2014 ::


JUST a moment
that which we lose
when pain regrets
— it’s touch
a shallow feeling ensues
engulfs the good in all

Plainly said
— in all remorse
the cause nothing
less than  fear
It moves the world
and burns our dreams…



THERE is an entrance
into this world
— the comfort room
that we depart
A way station
for the souls
between past
and future life
It is the meet
and greet for all
before new
skin suits
— go bravely
Again we
shall meet!