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Daddy made a smile and i drank it down
and his bedtime stories with my teddy bear
made my youthful life magical and full of sprites
and i love the memories that flow through time
and each thought is a universe of living life
a life that i only now know was magical
daddy take your time and live the moment
not the past but now and forward-time for me
and kiss sun-drenched dreams for life and love
i’m here and you are there — together always one
so, daddy take this love and spread it around
around the seconds and minutes of our memories
we are a spring and summer that gives life
and wings of fairy and butterfly carries us

:: 03-21-2014 ::


MY DEAR daughter who brought me back
from the precipice of cold death
I was there to bring you forth
from womb to a world so cold in heart
I am remiss to express this fact
— you were already there with me
My love is defined by your grace
and I have learned in my flesh
what you taught me from beyond
I say to you — I love you
and forever will be there
hand in hand–heart in heart

:: 02-01-2014 ::