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FOR one
incredible moment
nothing happened
and I fell in love
with that nothingness

:: 05-28-2014 ::



The morning eye do I love
it see a new day untouched
a breath of sight so grand
a peace-inner speak-eye

tussle the bed sheet, a flag
that Nation for the sleeper
my Anthem made of murmur
whisper-speak my tender love

and each morning i awaken
do i see my Nation next to me
that Anthem her name and lips
and her voice angelic bliss

:: 03-26-2014 ::


MY dear, love is more than two
love is a greater one
that two should meld into
a blissful state of singularity
let two be one my love
that one is more than two
a sum total of all that is love

:: 03-01-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013

i release me — my shackles broken

what wondrous bliss running in the fields
the reeds of flowers cutting my heels
such pleasure to feel the pain of freedom

and honey dew sun on that grand horizon
what golden dreams melt across my heart
the free dove flying sideways in blue-sky

i release me my fears — tear soakened

though i realize this dream is fleeting
i drink it with graceful passion dew
and dreams i swim in gentle streams

i am human but just a guise for today
for i have found the key to life’s lock
and i run in my fields of tomorrow’s life

:: 02-11-2014 ::


MY DEAR daughter who brought me back
from the precipice of cold death
I was there to bring you forth
from womb to a world so cold in heart
I am remiss to express this fact
— you were already there with me
My love is defined by your grace
and I have learned in my flesh
what you taught me from beyond
I say to you — I love you
and forever will be there
hand in hand–heart in heart

:: 02-01-2014 ::


THE VOID began its journey
before the Word spoke
and into light one begat the other
a universal echo of laughter
Our stage is not one alone
but a platform for a world
of souls here and beyond
Attentively they watch the play
so learn your words my dear
the performance of a lifetime
that we may give the audience
that which it has paid in full

:: 02-01-2014 ::


SUCH a surprise
that time brings
a larger span
of knowing
by existing
and living
That life at youth
— bitter sweet
but upon the bed
of death
— sweetly bitter

:: 01-29-2014 ::


I BOUGHT a slice of peace
for the price of half my soul
The merchant frowned
as I placed the cost
across his counter
— frayed and worn
was my soul…
But then I showed
the inner half
— was brilliant
and pure as gold
‘My good man…’
— said the merchant
‘Just a piece shall do’



LOVE-SWEET word beauty-laced
it sends me to another place
holding onto your tender wing
cloud-punch a hole into the blue

where are you taking us
— is it to that spot?
where lazy angels play
are we to sing with the harp?

Love-sweet word beauty-laced
giving me more than all I want
whispering honey dew unto my heart
kiss me ocean-sky lips so sweet

I see the place past the-beyond
over the rolling green hills
and through the gate into your arms